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Toyota held the Asia launch of its first global corporate initiative 'Start Your Impossible', celebrating the Olympic and Paralympic spirit of challenge.

14 Sep 2018 | Local News : Singapore

Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd, along with Borneo Motors Singapore launched Toyota's 'Start Your Impossible' initiative in Asia, on 13 September 2018, at the Infinite Studios. 'Start Your Impossible' is Toyota's first global corporate initiative which marks Toyota's transformation into a mobility company that is not just about cars. 

The Toyota Human Support Robot is designed to retrieve objects and perform a variety of tasks for people
Toyota believes that mobility goes beyond cars, it is about overcoming challenges and making dreams come true.

"Start Your Impossible is not just a campaign, but a movement to inspire Toyota employees, our partners and customers, and connect them with Toyota's commitment to support the creation of a more inclusive, sustainable and mobile society in where everyone can challenge the impossible," said Mr. Susumu Matsuda, President of Toyota Motor Asia Pacific.

Along on stage with Mr. Susumu, were three mobility solutions engineered by Toyota, the Toyota Human Support Robot, the Toyota i-Road and the Toyota Vellfire Welcab.

The compact and manoeuvrable Toyota Human Support Robot was demonstrated on stage, handing a bottle of water to Mr. Susumu with its folding arm, displaying its core function of helping people with daily tasks. The Toyota i-Road is an interesting three-wheeled electric vehicle that is designed to offer the ease of use of a motorcycle and the comfort and stability usually associated with cars.

Local Olympic gold medallist Joseph Schooling is one of the 12 athletes that Toyota is supporting with the 'Start Your Impossible' initiative
Meanwhile the Toyota Vellfire Welcab on display is equipped with an electronically-powered seat which rotates and tilts to assist the ingress and egress of passengers who require the extra support.

Through this initiative, Toyota partnered with the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee as its official Worldwide Mobility Partner, to encourage the creation of a peaceful society without discrimination through sports.

At the launch, Toyota announced its region-wide partnership with 12 Olympic and Paralympic athletes across Asia, from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam and Philippines, supporting their journey to the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 and their advocacy for various social clauses which includes 'Championing safer roads' and 'Taking a stand against bullying'.

In Singapore, Toyota is partnering with celebrated local athletes, Toh Wei Soong and Joseph Schooling, who will be supporting this initiative by championing their hero projects of 'Equality of Opportunity' and 'Road Safety' respectively.

Joseph Schooling was invited on stage, while Toh Wei Soong who is in Phuket for training, was connected to the event through a video conference, to share about their challenges and experience in achieving the seemingly impossible.

The event was concluded with the demonstration of the Vellfire Wellcab and a test-drive session for the exciting and innovative Toyota i-Road.
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