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The new Morgan Plus Four comes with an optional active sports exhaust for added drama. There's also new seats, USB chargers, and lockable storage inside.

27 Sep 2021 | Local News : Singapore

NB Auto Pte Ltd has announced the arrival of the 2022 Morgan Plus Four here in Singapore.

The Morgan Plus Four is based on the bonded aluminum CX-Generation platform, shared with the Plus Six. The Plus Four however, sports a narrower central and gets its own uniquely profiled wings.

The 2022 Morgan Plus Four gets an all-new hood design for improved weather protection and refinement
Ingress and egress are said to have been dramatically improved as a result, enhancing the daily usability of the vehicle.

Speaking of wings, the car also sports a redesigned badge on the exterior.

A first in more than a decade, the new badge is accompanied with a new lower intake mesh that can now be specified with a black finish to match the optional black upper grille mesh.

And at the back, customers now get a choice of either polished silver or black tailpipes. It's not just a cosmetic upgrade here however, for further up those pipes is Morgan's new optional Active Sports Exhaust System. Active bypass valves will allow the Morgan to unleash its full vocals on the open road, or to purr with a subtle acoustic profile when in urban environments.

In the cabin, the 2022 Morgan Plus Four is also graced with a new hood, redesigned to improve usability, weather protection, and driving refinement.

The seats gets reprofiled padding in the base and backrest for increased comfort and enhanced lateral and longitudinal support
All new seats also contribute to greater comfort as well as driver confidence during dynamic driving, thanks to redesigned padding and enhanced lateral and longitudinal support.

Further nods to the practical here include the addition of a USB charging port, as well new LED interior lights, both standard. The cabin also gets a new lockable compartment, fitted to the rear of the luggage compartment.

The Morgan Plus Four is powered by a turbocharge four-cylinder, delivering 255bhp and 400Nm of torque. In combination with a dry weight of just 1,009kg, that power is enough to see the car reaching 100km/h from a standstill in just 4.8 seconds. Top speed meanwhile, stands at 240km/h.

That four cylinder is paired to an eight-speed automatic. But for those looking for a more puritan driving experience, a six-speed manual is also available, with power and top speed on par with the automatic model. Peak torque however, is capped at 350Nm. The manual gearbox-equipped variant will accomplish the century sprint in just 5.2 seconds.

Car Model Price as of press time (not inclusive of COE)
Morgan Plus Four 2.0 (M) $320,888
Morgan Plus Four 2.0 (A) $330,888

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