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Interested in the cool looking Volkswagen T-Cross? Here are five things you should know about the brand's latest compact crossover.

02 Dec 2020

The Volkswagen T-Cross is finally here in Singapore, and it's certainly attracting quite a bit of attention back to the brand.

It is quite a special thing. It is probably one of the funkier and cooler-looking crossovers that you can get today. And it comes from a brand that many know and love.

So for those of you interested in Volkswagen's latest compact crossover, here are some important facts that you should take note about the T-Cross.

1. It is the smallest crossover from Volkswagen

The T-Cross might appear to be big, but it is the smallest crossover Volkswagen will be offering here
The T-Cross is the smallest crossover that we will get from Volkswagen here. Don't confuse the T-Cross with the T-Roc - which isn't available in Singapore.

It sits atop Volkswagen's MQB-A0 architecture, which underpins many other compact cars from the group, such as the Audi A1, the Seat Arona and the Volkswagen Polo.

So if you're a little confused with the sizing of Volkswagen's crossovers here, the T-Cross sits below the Tiguan and the Touareg in terms of outright size.

Hence, it effectively replaces the previous crossover variant of the Polo, also known as the CrossPolo here in Singapore.

2. Not as small as you think

The seats of the T-Cross can slide forwards by 140mm, allowing for a bigger 455-litre boot
We can understand why many are still wondering why it is a compact crossover, especially when it looks sizeable, especially in pictures. That's really because the T-Cross is bigger in some areas.

Take for example its wheelbase. At 2,551mm, it is longer then the Arona and Stonic. In fact, The T-Cross' 4,235mm length is just slightly shorter than that of more popular crossovers like the Honda HR-V (4,335mm) and the Toyota CH-R (4,360mm).

And when you talk boot space, the T-Cross is pretty big. At 385 litres, it's not only bigger than the current Volkswagen Golf, but also bigger than the Toyota CH-R.

3. Only one variant

Unlike some other Volkswagens, only the R-Line variant will be available here for the Volkswagen T-Cross
For those who are familiar with Volkswagen products, they will know that it offers a few different variants.

These variant 'lines' include the Comfortline, Highline and the top-spec R-Line. The T-Cross, however, will only come in one variant - the R-Line.

It is the variant you definitely want. It comes with sportier-looking kit, along with an 8.0-inch infotainment display complimented with a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster.

And if you're the sort of person who enjoys a good sound system, the T-Cross R-Line comes with a 300W Beatsaudio system, too.

4. Funky colours to choose from

Choosing the 'Energetic Orange' design package gives you a different interior with white, orange and brown highlights
Aside from Flash Red on the Golf GTI and Lapiz Blue seen on the Golf R, we've not seen many interesting or exciting colour options available for Volkswagens here.

But the T-Cross changes that. You can get the usual Volkswagen colour options such as Reflex Silver Metallic and Pure White, but the T-Cross offers some interesting choices such as Energetic Orange and Makena Turquois Metallic.

That's not all. You have three design packages to complement the exterior. You can even have the wheels painted in Energetic Orange, along with orange and white accents on the interior.

5. It has a new badge

The T-Cross is the first car from Volkswagen to adorn the new badge
If you're thinking that the badge looks a little different than usual, you're not wrong.

The T-Cross is the first Volkswagen here to sport its new badge. It is most obvious on the steering wheel, where the new badge looks lighter and flatter than before.

There's a deeper meaning behind the new badge than you might think. It marks the start of a new era for the brand, where it shifts its focus to electric mobility and a greener future.

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