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A delicious set of rims are always essential in rounding up the look of a car. Here are the seven best factory designed rims to ever exist.

05 Oct 2022

When it comes to a car design, most people are keener to discuss elements such as size, bodily proportions or, in more recent times, gawping grilles. Lesser talked about are a car's rims, which play a pivotal role in making or breaking the look of a car.

Apart from aesthetics, lightweight rims can also help improve a car's dynamics. Today, we bring to you the seven best rims to have ever been designed.

1. Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

These uniquely Alfa rims were in many of their past models too
In the performance compact executive car segment, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is the undisputed king when it comes to design. The car's Ferrari-esque Competizione Red coupled with drop-dead gorgeous proportions make it stand out in a sea of blander looking Germans.

Adding on to the design onslaught against the Germans are those rims. Do the new BMW M4's rims show serious sporting intent? Yes. Are they pieces of art like the rims on the Quadrifoglio? No. The Quadrifoglio's rims which come in Satin Black could easily win an exhibition spot in the Louvre Museum.

The unique design which comprises five circles (actually it is an insult to call the beautiful shape mere 'circles') pair beautifully with the curvaceous design of the Quadrifoglio. Performance car rims often strive to exude an aggressive image. Alfa Romeo, however, has created what is truly a piece of rolling art, on rolling art.

2. Porsche 918 Spyder

A BMW M4 or a set of magnesium rims for your 918?
Let's not be too hard to the Germans. After all, they gave us the brilliant Porsche 918 Spyder, one of the most technologically advanced cars ever. The 918 is on this list due to being the clear winner in terms of rim design.

The Porsche 918 rims are the most distinctive in its class with its proudly Teutonic looking, multi-spoked rim design which is unlike that from any other car. The pairing of the metallic sheen from the rims coupled to the lime green of the brakes that rest behind does wonders to uplift the look of the 918's lower half.

And we haven't even gone on to the coolest part of the 918's rims. The rims pictured above are part of the Weissach Package (basically a dieting programme for Porsche's most exclusive cars). This means that the rims are machined from magnesium, a material whose usage is extremely rare in the construction of rims.

Not only can 918 owners boast to their plutocrat friends that their car rides on magnesium rims, but also the fact that they shave a good deal of weight off the car's standard kerb weight. 15kg to be exact.

3. Ford Shelby GT500

Carbon fibre rims on this Ford make it probably the most exotic car to ever come out of America
The Ford Shelby GT500 was Ford's extreme version of its popular Ford Mustang. The supercharged V8 engine pumped out a whopping 750bhp, making it the lairiest version of the Ford Mustang from factory. Naturally, a set of highly specialised rims had to accompany the king of the Mustang range. This came in the form of handmade rims from an Australian company called Carbon Revolution.

From the name of the company, we are sure you can guess what material the rims are made of. Yes, they are made from carbon fibre. The fact that Carbon Revolution is a rim supplier to Ferrari means that you can get Ferrari-level technology on your Ford. The exposed carbon fibre weave, which is highly visible on the rims, also gives a touch of Ferrari-like exoticism to the Ford.

4. Mercedes-AMG GT Four-Door

Monoblock rims come in at a hefty $6,000, but are worth every single cent
Remember the AMG Hammers of old? Those were the days when AMG was a separate entity from Mercedes, and possessed a far more exclusive, badass image as compared to the situation now where our roads are littered with flatulent little A45s.

AMG has decided to pay tribute to its heritage with the reintroduction of the iconic Monoblock rims as an option for the AMG GT Four-Door Coupe. The rims even boast a marvellous name, 'AMG Schmiederader im 5-Loch-Design'. That alone almost makes the hefty $6,000 price tag for the rims worth it. Of course, the design is also properly Teutonic, with its chunky, indestructible appearance.

We believe this is a must-have option for discerning buyers who desire their Mercedes-AMG Four-Door Coupe to command even more presence than it already does with the standard set of rims.

5. Porsche GT3

Centre lock rims help to facilitate quick swaps on a racetrack
Probably the most sought-after car in Porsche's range of cars, barring the limited production RS models. The GT3's hallmark is its howling 9,000rpm engine, which is more akin to that of a race car rather than one found in a road car.

Naturally, a road racer such as the Porsche GT3 is certainly deserving of a similarly racy set of rims. Luckily, all GT3s come with a set of centre lock rims. To our knowledge, Porsche is one of the few car manufacturers in the world that offers cars with centre lock rims.

As cool as they look, centre lock rims certainly do not only serve an aesthetic purpose. Their main function is to allow for quick swaps on a racetrack. Ever seen a Formula One pit crew change an entire set of tyres within a span a few seconds? That is the magic of centre lock rims.

6. Alpina B3 

Probably the best rims to grace a car
The new BMW M3 is considered by many to be an accomplished automobile. With over 500bhp in its Competition form, it is an over-achiever, in fact. However, with that gawping grille, boisterous soundtrack and shouty colour choices, it is not exactly the last word in elegance and refined taste (not that BMW M cars in recent times have placed beauty as a priority).

Enter the Alpina B3. The B3 makes 462bhp, which is significant lower than the M3. However, what it has in spades is elegance in design. The standout feature of the Alpina B3 - besides its usually sighted gorgeous hue of green and Alpina pin stripe - has got to be the iconic set of Alpina 20-spoke rims.

The Alpina B3's 20-spoke rims are one of the few classic-looking rims that still exist on our current car market. Many would agree that they help to uplift the rather pedestrian looks of the BMW 3 Series into a class above.

Not only are aesthetics the only selling point of the rims, they even have a back story. The rim design from Alpina was approved from BMW itself back in 1971 for use in its legendary BMW 3.0 CSL. In fact, the Munich-based carmaker loved the design so much that it retained the Alpina design for the E21 generation 3 Series, although it was a watered-down version of the classic Alpina rims.

7. Mitsubishi Evolution VIII

Plan to take your Evolution VIII offroading? Steelies may be the way to go
The Mitsubishi Evolution VIII is an absolute legend of the JDM car world. Being an Evolution also means that it is often subjected to a wide range of modifications ranging from mild to the borderline insane.

While many tuners have fit the most sought after sets of rims on their Evolution VIII in pursuit of creating the coolest Evo on the scene, they often overlook the best set of rims that an Evolution VIII can ever wear: A set of steelies.

And it turns out that Mitsubishi offered these as a factory option for the Evolution VIII back in 2003. Although these were a ridiculously obscure option for the Evolution (let's face it, not many people want to look like they can't afford 'proper rims'), it turns out that they suit the look of the Evolution down to a T.

Sacrilege! You might exclaim. Why allow an Evolution to sport anything other than a gleaming set of OZ Racing rims? Well, it turns out that Steelies, which are made of steel, are the most resilient rims when it comes to adverse weather conditions and harsh terrain.

Think about it, that makes Steelies on the Evolution VIII (or any Evolution for that matter) the only logical choice, since they perfectly embody the rough and tough rally heritage of the Evolution.

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