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Packing more and better features, with added refinement, the 2014 Grand Cherokee is the most competent luxury off-roader from Jeep yet.

01 Nov 2013

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Jeep has been the definitive name in the world of 4x4. The Wrangler, without doubts, sits firmly in the halls of fame, not forgetting comrades-in-arms such as the Land Rover Defender, and Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen (more commonly known as the G-Class now).

Sitting on the other side of the scale is the Grand Cherokee - a premium SUV that promises more refinement and comfort than its rugged cousin. Bearing the badge and credentials of Jeep, the Grand Cherokee is blessed with true off-road capabilities.

Sleeker headlamps with daytime running LEDs help to create a more distinctive look

Up close and Personal

Widely considered as a facelift of the fourth generation Grand Cherokee, the 2014 model receives a slew of upgrades.

The 'Summit' variant we have here sits at the top of the range. Befitting its moniker, the 4x4 has a range of tech trickeries up its sleeve - such as air suspension (which also allows you to alter the ride height to clear obstacles) and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).

The SUV is also laden with safety technologies such as blind spot monitor, variable torque management and limited slip differential. More notably, it comes with forward collision warning - a system which initiates braking when it senses an imminent crash. 

On the outside, the changes are easy to spot. The headlamps are now surrounded by LED daytime running lights, which cut a thinner, more handsome-looking framework for the front facet.

We, too, like what went into the cabin. The 8.4-inch touchscreen system incorporates controls for climatorial, entertainment and vehicle (lights, safety etc.) settings - allowing fuss-free operation even when on the move.

Driver's instrument console now stages a TFT screen with inter-switchable displays for better user interface
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