2019's most popular Japanese Parallel Import cars (so far)
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Thinking of getting a new car? Look no further! Here are some of the most popular Japanese Parallel Imported cars for you to choose from.

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It's almost mid-year (2019) and if you're thinking of getting a car but have no idea what you should get, here are some popular Japanese Parallel Imports for your consideration. We've seen many of the following Japanese models being snapped up on sgCarMart over the past few months which can only mean one thing - they're worth it!

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Besides understanding why these models are popular, we'll also provide direct links to Parallel Importers who sell said models for your convenience. All you have to do is click on their corresponding links to see what other cars they offer.

We'll do an update on this list (as people's tastes change frequently) sometime toward the end of the year.

Honda Vezel

A popular option for private hire car drivers here, it is no surprise to see many Vezels on the road here
Being one of the preferred cars for private hire car drivers, you'll always see at least one on the road during your daily commute. You will rarely find a CAT A car that comes with such a big-sized body, more-than-ample space/legroom and a price tag of just below $100,000. The cherry on top? Utilising multiple cameras, Honda Sensing alerts drivers when there's a risk of collision (like spidey sense).

No of dealers selling: ~100

Get it from sgCarMart's recommended dealers:
Apex Trading
Speedo Motoring
Swee Seng
SG Car Choice

Toyota C-HR

With futuristic and stylish lines, the C-HR is a stunner!
The C-HR is an SUV where unique style meets function and practicality. With its 1.2-litre engine, you save heaps on road tax of what you would typically pay for any other premium SUV. Its fuel efficiency is also unparalleled to any other hybrid car in the market (at the point of writing) and just slightly more expensive than the Vezel. There has been a recent trend of giving the C-HR race inspired cosmetic enhancements, while it adds no resale value whatsoever to the car, it surely looks cool though!

No of dealers selling: ~50

Get it from sgCarMart's recommended dealers:
Speedo Motoring
Swee Seng
Quantum Armour
The Wheelers Auto
Honda Shuttle

The extra space that the Honda Shuttle offers makes it the perfect ride for families
The Shuttle is perfect for families or couples planning to start a family. With its spacious interior and ample boot space, family day out, grocery shopping or even a road trip to Malaysia is of no issue. Packaged with Honda Sensing and an engine that feels like it's stronger than advertised (1.5-litre), It's one of the most value-for-money cars in the market at the moment with an estimated $90,000 price tag. Furthermore, for a station wagon, it looks quite sporty, and there's heaps of potential to make it a unique car tailored to your style preference.

No of dealers selling: ~50

Get it from sgCarMart's recommended dealers:
Apex Trading
Shuang Hup
Leco Auto
Car House
Tan Wei Auto
Toyota Sienta

Need even more space? Why not go for the 7-seater Toyota Sienta?
If you fancy a more prominent road presence, perhaps a 7-seater MPV might be the right choice for you. The Sienta is an extremely spacious vehicle and boasts a decent fuel economy of 14km/litre of petrol. The one thing about MPVs that drivers worry about is that their back seat passengers won't be unable to feel the air conditioning. Wiith the Sienta, you can relax as the rear air conditioning is strong in this one. The Sienta also happens to be one of the few CAT A 7-seaters in the market, and you would think it'll be rather pricey, but nope, it's just a little below $100,000!

No of dealers selling: ~20

Get it from sgCarMart's recommended dealers:
Jack Cars
Venture Cars
SG Car Choice
Guan Motor
PS Motor
Toyota Harrier

The luxurious Toyota Harrrier offers a level of comfort that is on par with many of its European counterparts!
The luxurious Toyota Harrier SUV will make many heads turn without question. While it may be large and spacious, it doesn't give off a very overbearing feel to it (like a van or a minivan for example). It looks pretty sporty actually! Turbo variants are also available through Parallel Importers, and you'd be surprised at how quiet the engine is with all that power in a beast of a vehicle. As a driver, you will have an unparalleled view of the road while your passengers can enjoy picturesque views of the sky with the panoramic sunroof. Priced around $150,000, it's a steal if you can afford it.

No of dealers selling: ~10

Get it from sgCarMart's recommended dealers:
F1 Auto
Prime Cars
New Way Leasing
Jack Cars

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