Buy pre-owned cars from dealers, worry-free!
What is Sgcarmart BuySafe?
BuySafe is a pre-owned car buying service by Sgcarmart where we represent you to purchase your desired car from dealers.

Place a booking fee with us to reserve your desired car and we will negotiate the purchase price on your behalf with no hidden charges or fees. We will inspect the car and bring you on a test drive to verify that it is road-worthy.

Leave the paperwork to us and drive off with your desired car once you're satisfied.
Why Sgcarmart BuySafe?
One-stop online purchase
Purchase a car from the comfort of your home - we'll guide you through the entire car buying process from price negotiation to vehicle handover.
Pre-purchase inspection
BuySafe cars are quality assured. Our mechanics will inspect your desired car to verify its roadworthiness before you buy.
Price transparency
We'll handle price negotiation with dealers to get the best deal possible for you. The agreed price is final with no hidden fees.
Escrow payment
BuySafe guarantees a secure transaction, as your payment is only released to the dealer upon transfer of ownership to you
Best trade-in prices
500+ dealers bidding for your car to get you the highest price in the market.
Trusted dealer network
Choose from a selection of cars offered by our panel of trusted dealers
8 Steps BuySafe Journey
Step 1 (Day 1)
Browse BuySafe-listed Cars
Browse cars from our pre-screened dealers with good track record
Step 2 (Day 1)
Fill form
Give us your desired price and we will negotiate the price for you
Step 3 (Day 1)
Place a booking fee
Place a $200 refundable booking fee to reserve the car and start price negotiations. This fee will be used to offset the purchase price.
Step 4 (Day1 - Day 2)
Agree on a price
The agreed price is final with no hidden fees or charges
Step 5 (Day 2 - Day 3)
Auction your trade-in car through us and receive the highest offer from 500+ dealers. Learn more
Step 6 (Day 2 - Day 3)
Pre-approved loan and insurance
We will provide you with competitive quotes for both loan and insurance packages and settle the paperwork for you
Step 7 (Day 3 - Day 5)
Inspection and Test Drive
If the car does not pass our stringent inspections, your booking fee will be refunded to you. BuySafe will accompany you on the test drive and offer advice
Step 8 (Day 3 - Day 5)
Vehicle Handover
With loan/insurance applications approved, you can drive off with your new purchase!


Our mission is to make purchasing a used car from secondhand car dealers a worry-free experience for car buyers.

BuySafe aims to address the biggest problem consumers have when buying used cars - information asymmetry, unreliable vendors, lengthy amount of time spent at the dealership.

With BuySafe, you can be assured that we will act in your best interest to get the best possible deal.

No, this service is free for buyers of BuySafe-listed cars. Please note that a $200 deposit will be required to start negotiations and the car-buying process.

If the car purchase completes as planned, the deposit will be credited towards the purchase price and forms a part of the downpayment.

The deposit will be refunded to you in the event:

• The dealer backs out of the deal
• The negotiations are not successful
• The car does not pass BuySafe's inspection standards
• Your loan application is declined

Sgcarmart BuySafe reserves the right to withhold the deposit in the event that you accept the negotiated price but did not complete the transaction for reasons other than those listed above

When you express interest in a car, BuySafe will negotiate with the dealer on your behalf

If the dealer backs out of the negotiations or a price can’t be agreed upon, your deposit is refunded to you.

Instead of paying the dealer directly, Sgcarmart will hold onto the car's downpayment funds for you. Sgcarmart will release the downpayment to the dealer only when the car's ownership is transferred under your name. This is to ensure you get full ownership of the car. If the dealer fails to transfer the car's ownership, we will return the downpayment to you.

BuySafe mechanics will inspect your desired car to ensure it is roadworthy. For cars which do not pass the inspection, BuySafe users are eligible for a full refund of the $200 negotiation deposit first paid during negotiation. For cars which pass the inspection, no deposits will be refunded.

Sgcarmart will monitor and track customer satisfaction of dealers participating in the BuySafe programme. If a dealer has received numerous complaints, we will remove the dealer from the BuySafe programme.

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