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16 Aug 2018
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 - Reasonably priced tires with well known quality. Had been wanting to try this set for a while and now I am finally I got it. Just like the Goodyear Efficient Grip I had on my fronts ...  Read more

Reviewed by Hyperstar ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

16 Aug 2018
Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip
Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip - Got a set of Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip at a steal for my rear wheel drive car at the front. Immediately noticed are the quietness of the wheels. Rolling resistance is minimal s...  Read more

Reviewed by Hyperstar ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

15 Aug 2018
Michelin Primacy 4
A very good set of tyres - Just installed this 3 days ago, and i can alway find that it is a very good set of tyres. More than my expectation and I am now a very satisfied customer.  Read more

Reviewed by Adefer ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

05 Aug 2018
Dunlop Veuro VE302
Not the best tyres - Installed size 225/50R17. Tyres lasted 1year 3months @ 27,000km before reaching wear mark. Tyre is heavy and acceleration felt dull from new. Past 30% Wear, tyre starts to get n...  Read more

Reviewed by RedEmber ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

01 Aug 2018
3M Quick Wax (16 ounce)
Quick and Easy as the name sugest - Had my car paint work done with 3M Paint protection, with addition to applying this 3M quick wax on top of the coating, the whole car stayed clean and dust free throughout the week even...  Read more

Reviewed by ChuaWeiJun ()  | Category: Grooming

01 Aug 2018
Marbella MX6 HD Recorder
Value for money camera, let down by the battery qu... - I have been using this camera for ~4 years, and video quality has been consistently good since day 1, till the day I decided to retire it. Video taken are very clear (even when play bac...  Read more

Reviewed by Carbon82 ()  | Category: Accessories

01 Aug 2018
Sonax Xtreme Clear View 1:100 Concentrate Nanopro
Effective Windscreen Cleaner - My 1st encounter with this product was about 2 years back, when I am still with my previous ride, which has been exposed daily to harsh road conditions, to the extend that I have almost...  Read more

Reviewed by Carbon82 ()  | Category: Grooming

28 Jul 2018
Liqui Moly Engine Flush Plus
Best ever engine flush - I removed old engine oil. Added cheap engine oil and added Liqui Moly for engine flush. Run engine for 14 minutes and then removed engine oil. It was surprised to see dirty oil came out...  Read more

Reviewed by GulfamIlyasJanjua ()  | Category: Maintenance & Repair

15 Jul 2018
Bullsone Firstclass Extreme Wheel Cleaner
Performs better than MAMA Lemon - Have been cleaning my rims with MAMA Lemon all along. Tried this and found that it performs better. Won't be super clean, but brings you from a Grade D to a Grade B. 1st photo is befo...  Read more

Reviewed by bellboy ()  | Category: Grooming

08 Jul 2018
Hummer Power Bank Jump Starter H1
The most compact multi-functional jump start kit - As I spend a lot of time on the road, and travel frequently up north, having a product like the Hummer H1 power bank cut jump start kit will ease my worry of running into battery flat s...  Read more

Reviewed by Carbon82 ()  | Category: Maintenance & Repair

04 Jul 2018
Sonax Xtreme Leather Care Foam NanoPro
Easy fuss free - It does the job. Easy spray the foam off and wipe. Great coating and cleaning of the leather with minimal effort. Used it on the steering wheel and provided a smooth supple feel of t...  Read more

Reviewed by RadX ()  | Category: Grooming

03 Jul 2018
Sonax Xtreme Protect + Shine Hybrid NPT
Great product .. worth the time to prep and spray ... - First time trying this. The product is a tad expensive but worth the effort to apply and buff off. Need to follow instructions to ensure a quality finish. Notice a higher version so...  Read more

Reviewed by Sdf4786k ()  | Category: Grooming

03 Jul 2018
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 - First time using Goodyear Asymmetric 3 on the car, very good braking on wet surfaces compared to my last set of tires. Will consider using this again on my new car when the tires we...  Read more

Reviewed by Kal79 ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

01 Jul 2018
BlackVue DR430-2CH
Awful software and sub-par pricing - The camera looks inconspicuous and has sturdy build quality. However, it is hampered by lack of features, a high price and poor recording quality. The sensor is cheap and this setup cou...  Read more

Reviewed by DayriusTayJiale ()  | Category: Accessories

30 Jun 2018
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3
Best valued for money performance tyres - Had used Asymmettric 1, 2 and 3. Great tyres, gives confidence and assurance driving in under both wet and dry condition. Good treadwear, grip n noise level are maintained till the...  Read more

Reviewed by Qaz20 ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

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