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Car aircon not cold enough? Here are 10 best aircon repair & servicing workshops

Air-conditioning is a must-have in Singapore due to the sweltering heat. Here's a list of recommended air-con specialists that'll ensure your car stays cool.

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Towing & roadside assistance on duty during CNY with no extra charges

Finding help when your car breaks down during CNY can prove to be a challenge. Fret not, here's some roadside assistance providers that operate during CNY!

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BH Auto - Trusty and timely towing services

BH Auto may be a new name on the automotive scene but its trustworthiness and dedication have bumped it to rank amongst the top workshops in Singapore.

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Need a tow? Call BH Auto

04 Jan 2017   

Need a tow? Call BH Auto

BH Auto is planning to set up a branch in West Malaysia that offers its automotive services to Singaporean drivers with car trouble at reasonable prices.

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