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Citroen DS5 1.6 THP (A) Review

What they don't tell you: Your pop and bang map isn't anti-lag and it isn't doing anything for your car's performance

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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Apr 2014.
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(launched 2012)

spacer Successor Citroen DS5 Diesel (2013-2015)
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1.6 THP (A)
$199,988 (Mar 2014) spacer spacer
13.7km/L 156 bhp 6-speed (A)
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Citroen DS5
4 stars - based on 3 reviews
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Citroen DS5 1.6 THP (A) Review
Citroen completes the DS trilogy with the flagship DS5. With its contemporary looks and perfect proportions, it steals glances everywhere it goes.
3 Consumer Reviews

Best design at this price point. `
Nothing at the price range comes close to matching the visual drama of the DS5 inside and out. You will be spending half an hour or more purely taking in the styling highlights of the exterior like the chrome 'sabre' just aft the headlights, the design of the 18" rims, the hatchback-cum-estate profile and the concave 'boomerang' brake lights. Then when you step inside, you will have to spend even more time absorbing everything. Leather seats with watch bracelet design in tan or red will be the first thing you see and smell. Leather is extremely soft thanks to the semi-aniline treatment and the watch bracelet design adds to the premium feel. There are no better leather seats at this price point. Then there is the cascading dashboard with extremely soft touch dashboard top. Almost no other mainstream manufacturers have a softer dashboard. The rectangular analogue clock just above the START/STOP button adds a premium touch too. Heads up display that shows current speed, GPS navigation directions and cruise control settings is right above the instrument pod. The speedometer and odometer is a combination of analogue needles and digital readouts, adding to the futuristic feel. GPS, bluetooth and reverse camera are all standard. There's also a 3 piece sunroof, all individually adjustable, for the front two passengers and the rear passengers. It's ordinary to drive but the engine is willing, and it's quiet thanks to acoustic-laminated windscreen and front side windows. But overall the experience is dominated by the design of it inside and out that you will not remember anything about the handling. Your journey will be spent admiring the interior. Overall, it's an amazing effort from Citroen with an opulent interior that belies its price tag.
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If you want to drive a BMW Engine car which is different from the rest. Dare to ... `
The car has good points and its bad point like all other cars on the road. If you cannot effort a BMW car then try driving this car. The feel of the car is much more smooth and well refined then their previous models like DS3 and DS4. Nice design interior and exterior. The truth is either you like or hate the looks of the car. There is nothing in between you can compare. When the french design this car, they wanted to be different so they have made a statement. Dare to be different try the DS5. Engine is good but take a second or so to respond when moving. I guess when driving this kind of a car, performance is not the main factor but comfort and styling is the real deal. Safety and intelligence, this car has it all.
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DS5 deserves a 'hi 5' `
Truly a handsome well made car that will captivate most onlookers with 2nd glances... Interesting silver chromed lines that runs from front bonnet all the way to A pillar creates an in-motion feel even when car is standing stationary :) Another interesting find is a pair of aircool vent that runs from front fender to front wheels... creating a sporty feel although I find the aerodynamics doesn't nothing much except for aesthetic looks :p The interior feels very much like a futuristic plane cockpit & it has an individual sunshade cover on the sunroof!!! Giving driver & front passenger as much freedom as possible. (that's my favorite feature actually ",) I was told by the sales agent the car is a cross between a sportswagon & hatchback... or, should I say "it's a hatchback with a slightly longer rear" =p The DS5 is definitely longer than a hatchback but shorter than a wagon... Well, it definitely has an extra large wheel arch! On engine performance, I had the chance to test drive the full automatic version which runs rather smoothly although the entire ride was quite sedated without much fanfare. It has a much better drive than semi-auto gearbox of DS4 ", My verdict - a worthy ride that's looks great at every corner. The only setback is the price tag with high COE that most would rather get Teutonic car instead... This is not really a drivers' car but it has plenty of features & functions that makes most drivers busy with other than drive well :p
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