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New all-electric bZ4X electric crossover sports a unique cabin design and can be had with solar panels on its roof for an extra 1,800km of range per year.

01 Nov 2021 | International News : Japan

Toyota revealed the first details of the bZ4X, its all new electric crossover.

The Toyota bZ4X is built atop a dedicated battery-electric vehicle platform (a first for Toyota) which was jointly developed with Subaru Corporation. Use of hot stamping and high-tensile steel guarantees a lightweight, high-rigidity body structure.

A 71.4kWh battery gives the Toyota bZ4X up to 500km of range
Toyota states the design of the bZ4X offers up sleek proportions and delivers an 'unconstrained silhouette' that takes advantage of the vehicle's long wheelbase and placement of its tyres at its extreme corners.

At the front, the car's head lights are said to take after a hammerhead shark, running along the bonnet line, while at the rear, the tail lamps, back door, and bumper carry a trapezoidal theme to give the car a powerful stance.

The Toyota bZ4X will also be offered with solar panels on its roof, which are capable of generating up to 1,800km of driving distance per year by Toyota's own estimates.

On the topic of electric power, the Toyota bZ4X is being offered with two variants. The first front-wheel drive only variant will be powered by a 201bhp electric motor. The second all-wheel drive variant will be powered by a 107bhp motor at either axle for a total combined system output of 215bhp.

Toyota is targeting a top-class battery capacity retention ratio of 90% after 10 years.

The car also gets an instrument cluster that sits above the steering wheel
The cabin of the Toyota bZ4X is said to offer home-like comfort, with a low and upholstered instrument panel and an optional large panoramic roof. Use of high soundproofing glass and wind-noise reduction materials also will offer a quietness that enables clear conversation while driving here.

New for Toyota here also is the dashboard design, which now places the instrument cluster above the steering wheel.

The infotainment system in the bZ4X will also utilise cloud navigation to deliver real-time traffic information on top of parking space availability.

Maximum charging speed via alternating current for the Toyota bZ4X is 6.6kW, while maximum charging speed via direct current is 150kWh. At this speed, Toyota quotes a 30 minute charging time to bring the 71.4kWh battery up to 80% capacity. The front-wheel drive variant will deliver a driving range of 500km based on Toyota's own estimates.

The Toyota bZ4X is scheduled for an international launch from mid-2022.

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