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Built on the latest TNGA platform, Toyota's compact MPV is returning to Japan with more than a significantly overhauled look.

24 Aug 2022 | International News : Japan

19 years have come and gone since the Sienta was introduced to Japan, delighting drivers with its ability to pack an entire family into an economical and compact form. Now, a year before it celebrates its 20th anniversary, Toyota has unveiled the nameplate's all-new third generation. 

Styling-wise, it appears the latest Sienta is carrying on where its pre-predecessor left off. That means a boxy, minivan-like shape rather than the sporty, yet also more divisive 'trekking shoe' silhouette that the outgoing generation tried to pull off. 

Toyota states that a 'Shikakumaru, circle and square' principle guided its approach to the car's design
Toyota says that the new car is inspired by a 'simple "Shikakumaru" circle and square design' throughout the entire vehicle. On the outside, the resulting rounded corners help to contribute to the car's compact appearance, while application of the principle to the interior takes the form of simple and unified door pockets and cup holders.

New to the Sienta's design as well are what Toyota is calling 'side protection moldings' underlining the car's doors, which are reminiscent of the Citroen C4 Cactus' Air Bumps.

Refining comfort for occupants in the second row especially was outlined as a priority for the new car
Notably, while the car's length and width remain unchanged from the previous generation, a few tweaks have been made to enhance the sense of space. 

The cabin height, for instance, has been raised by 20mm, while the distance between the hip points of the first row and second row seats has been increased by 80mm for better second-row comfort. Getting into the car has been made easier too, with the opening height of the sliding doors pushed up 60mm. 

A low horizontal belt line and upright side glass design additionally promise a heightened sense of 'openness' for the interior, while boosting all-round driving visibility. Amazingly, the Sienta's minimum turning radius has been further reduced - to exactly five metres now.

Built on the GA-B platform, the Sienta will also receive an improved 1.5-litre Dynamic Force Engine
Just as importantly, however, the new Sienta will be built on the firm's latest TNGA (GA-B) platform. Toyota claims that as a result of the improved joint rigidity of the car body's main structure, both ride comfort and handing stability will be improved.

To complement the platform, standard ICE-variants of the compact MPV will also be getting the firm's M15A-FKS 1.5-litre Dynamic Force Engine - a unit which has already seen application in the Yaris, Yaris Cross and even GR Yaris. Hybrid variants will get the M15A-FXE - as found in the Toyota Aqua - instead. The inline three-cylinder powerplant should not only deliver better performance, but optimise fuel efficiency as well. 

The third gen car is striving to be a more modern offering while retaining its strengths as a people-mover
To bring the Sienta up to date as a 2022 offering, Toyota is offering Safety Sense as standard on all models. This will include a pre-collision safety and 'Proactive Driving Assist' systems, the latter of which supports avoidance steering and anticipative deceleration in potentially dangerous situations.

There is no indication yet as to when the Sienta will be brought to Singapore - but you can count on it becoming yet another runaway success when it eventually reaches us.

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