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After years of churning out Ypsilons, the firm has revealed a new logo, and announced the fact that a new flagship and Delta are currently in the works.

29 Nov 2022 | International News : Italy

Yes, you read that title right. Lancia is officially back.

"The new era of Lancia starts today with a new logo and a clear design vision," states Luca Napolitano, Lancia CEO, on the revival of the brand. We imagine he is just about as excited as we all are here in the office. But then again, you would be if anything new happened at work after years of simply churning out Ypsilons.

Expect to see the next Lancia Ypsilon sporting taillights similar to those seen on this sculpture
Kicking things off from Lancia is a new logo. Taking its inspiration from the firm's 1957 logo, the new logo is said to represent a jewel. It simplifies the traditional elements of the logo, from the wheel, flag, shield, and lance all into simple lines and shapes.

But here's where things get really exciting. The new logo is already set to appear on a new Ypsilon, as well as a new yet-to-be-revealed flagship. But perhaps most exciting of all, is the fact that there's also a new Delta now in the works. Looks like the future Renault 5 could be facing some competition.

Want a sneak peek at what these models will look like? Well Lancia has offered us all an early peek, with this sculpture you see in the gallery above. Titled Pu+Ra Zero, the sculpture is said to be the inspiration for the cars the firm will launch from 2024 to 2028. And before you ask, those lights you see that are so reminiscent of the Stratos are already confirmed to appear on the new Ypsilon.

Lancia states that a total of 100 exclusive showrooms are already planned across Europe. The firm additionally states that it plans to launch three new models: One every two years starting from 2024.

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