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Overall a poor experience  Posted on 21-Jul-2021
  • Technical Expertise1.0
  • Customer Service1.0
  • Value for money1.0
  • Outlet Experience1.0

- Relatively poor quality overall
- side-skirts obstruct 3 doors from opening after initial job completion ! ; Immediate safety issue which took more than a week to resolve
- fender installed and removed thereafter as fender surface seems quite wavy and the color code is different; Resulting in two different tone of colors
- besides wavy and different color tones, fender is also not aligned properly and protrudes out
- loose back bumper after work completion
- one screw missing from one of the wheel plates which is only fixed after self observation at the workshop
- front grill kit has bumpy, rough areas and has dried paint drips
- 3 stone-chip kind of holes observed on the front bumper which are unexplained


- noticed fresh coat of paint on bonnet after realising the dried paint drips on the front grill; Not on job-list and unexplained why it is done. Not sure what has been done to the car.
- long and delayed job completion after first feedback of safety issue from side-skirt obstruction; Poor customer recovery : has to follow-up for 5 days continuously before informed that the car can be returned to be fixed
- am told that he also has 'other jobs to do' when I requested for shorter downtime.
- thereafter car has to be placed in workshop overnight for 5 days and 4 nights, just to follow-up on removing fender (and repaint works on the fender areas) and to re-fix side-skirts. And despite that, various problems identified as described above.
- foul smell from paintwork and a lot of white dust in cabin after work completion
- zero updates or follow-up during the 4 days. Only notified 3 hours prior to collect car on the day of collection
- car was returned to workshop on 11am Monday, 12 July. Follow-up works on the car only started on Weds afternoon; Suddenly, there is no priority for a job poorly done in the first place; Yes, the fees have been paid in full after the first visit

A relatively straight-forward kit installation took over 3 weeks to complete and poorly done with above issues. Downtime was a total of 8 days and 6 nights.

The whole experience was bad.
Management Response by GMS Carwerkz

Hi alphaG,

We definitely welcome and happy to receive any review from all our customers, be it a good or bad one. However, we will not tolerate any untruthful pin point. We would like to make some clarification on all that you have stated.

Side Skirt - Upon receiving your feedback on the side skirt, we were more than happy to invite you back for us to rectify it for you.

Fender – We are using the exact same colour car of your car for the fender, you have to understand that this is a new paint work, definitely there may be slight difference to your current old paint work.

Missing screw – Due to a new bodykit installed, some of the old bodykit screws may not be required anymore, therefore, we never put that screw back.

Front grill & bumper – the dried paint drips were already there the1st time when you dropped the car with us, which have the images to support our stand.

Fresh coat of paint on bonnet – We have explained to you with regards of this. We did not touch on the bonnet for any unnecessary job as the bonnet is totally not part of the job, why will we want to waste the effort and time for that? We have only did work for your fender arch, which is nothing to do with the bonnet at all.

Long and delayed job completion – It is true that there was some delay due to im wasn’t feeling well after the vaccine which I have told you and you understood and you are blaming me now for it? We only asked you to leave your car when im fit to work on your car again, as we do not wish you leaving your car in the workshop when im totally unfit to do anything and with you going without the car for usage.

Foul smell from paintwork and a lot of white dust – You are happy with the completed job and drove away with your car after checking on everything that day, but you did not mention on the spot about this, to be fair to us, we will never know what you have done to your after you left the workshop.

Zero updates or follow-up - As soon as you placed your car, we did not update you, it is because we already know what is needed to be done, other than updating you when your car is ready (which we did), I am not sure what other things you required us to update you, please advice.

Lastly, we have all the conversation and pictures of the car before and after to proof all that you have mentioned are untruthful.


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ng richard, reviewed on Google
Top notch service by the professional team  Posted on 29-May-2019
  • Technical Expertise5.0
  • Customer Service5.0
Services rendered by them were very professional. Quality of work done is top notch. They also customise stickers too. - ng richard

review user
Teo Desmond, reviewed on Google
Reliable and cosy workshop  Posted on 17-Apr-2019
  • Technical Expertise5.0
  • Customer Service5.0
  • Outlet Experience5.0
Very good service if you are looking to do anything to your car! From stickers to accessories to car paintwork. Reliable and cosy workshop. Look for Gary! - Teo Desmond

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Humble shop, good workmanship  Posted on 18-Apr-2014
  • Technical Expertise5.0
  • Customer Service5.0
  • Value for money5.0
  • Outlet Experience5.0
A humble and efficient workshop. Did up a bodykit conversion for my civic fd recently. The bossman Ah Poh is easy to talk to and price negotation was fair and straightforward which I like. Most importantly I am very satisfied with the workmanship done, work and delivery was timely. Will come back here in future for any future cosmetic mod work. Thumbs up for GMS Carwerkz, strongly recommended.

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Black Series Bonnet & Wald Custom Kit  Posted on 06-Sep-2013
  • Technical Expertise5.0
  • Customer Service5.0
  • Value for money5.0
  • Outlet Experience5.0
Was referred to GMS via sgmerc forum, after reading fantastic reviews from other benz owners about their workmanship. The quality of work done is very high and the kitting final product shows their experience in body kits and high end cosmetic customisations. Pricing wise i got a good deal as well as the boss is generous and fair with pricing! I expected a one week wait but work was done without delay within 3 days perfectly. Highly recommended workshop for any type of kit you need. They also gave me good advise on further cosmetic enhancements that wont squeeze my pocket. No hard sell, and willing to listen to exactly what you want done. Five hundred stars!

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Respray of whole car  Posted on 16-Jan-2013
  • Technical Expertise4.0
  • Customer Service3.0
  • Value for money5.0
  • Outlet Experience4.0
Good workmanship and service. pricing very reasonable for the job done.
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