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Ford EV customers gain access to Tesla Supercharging network
28 May 2023
Owners of Ford electric vehicles can now charge their vehicles at the 12,000 Tesla Superchargers across the U.S.A and Canada.
Porsche and Puma reveal new CA Pro 911 'Dreams in Colours' Edition sneaker
27 May 2023
The Porsche x Puma CA Pro 911 'Dreams in Colours' Edition comes in seven special colours and celebrates the marque's 30-year presence in Thailand.
BMW reveals more of the AirConsole in-car gaming platform
27 May 2023
Looks like you'll be able to play 'Overcooked' with your friends thanks to the new AirConsole in-car gaming platform in the BMW i5 and 5 Series.
Aston Martin DB12 unveiled at Cannes Film Festival
27 May 2023
The host of international superstars at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival had to compete with the Aston Martin DB12 for the spotlight.
Bugatti enters real estate sector with new Dubai-based development
27 May 2023
Developed with property development firm Binghatti, the first-ever Bugatti Residences is said to bring the French Riviera into the heart of Dubai.
Car Review - Lexus RZ Electric 450e Luxury (A)
27 May 2023
The Lexus RZ may come with a tall asking price, but its road manners and use of luxurious cabin appointments more than justify its cost.
Clarence Seow | 1,298 views | Lexus Reviews
Marbella's in-car dashcams for sale at CEE 2023
26 May 2023
Marbella is headed to CEE 2023 with a host of in-car dashcams, available with a host of freebies and at discounted prices!
Local News | 461 views | Other News
Skoda U.K. publishes advice to keep your dogs cool
26 May 2023
Travelling with your dog? Skoda U.K. has a few tips to ensure that your canine friend is always cool in this scorching weather.
Bentley shows off special "furry" Bentayga at Goodwoof festival
26 May 2023
Bentley has revealed a special "furry" Bentayga S at the Goodwoof festival, a celebration all things dog held at the Duke of Richmond's estate.
Lexus reveals first teasers of new LBX model
26 May 2023
Lexus has revealed the first teaser images of a new LBX model which is scheduled to make its debut come 5 June 2023.
Cupra to be managed by Volkswagen Group Singapore, as Seat 'departs' Singaporean market
26 May 2023
Existing owners of both brands can still look forward to having their vehicles serviced by VGS, even as exciting plans are on the horizon for Cupra.
12 car facts that will blow your mind!
26 May 2023
Automotive history buffs ahoy! Think you know everything to the world of cars? These 12 car facts may actually surprise you!
Anthony Lim, Photos by Editorial Team, Unsplash, Manufacturers, FIA | 1,084 views | Features
Car Review - McLaren Artura Plug-in Hybrid 3.0 V6 (A)
26 May 2023
The Artura embeds electrification into the supercar formula, bringing added everyday usability without compromising performance the slightest.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Mickie Lim, Nur Khalidah and Desmond Chan | 721 views | McLaren Reviews
Understanding your car's tyres - all you need to know
26 May 2023
There are all kinds of tyres and brands available. To know what best suits your usage, you should understand more about tyres.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Bridgestone, Continental | 544 views | Car Buying Advice
Worried about blind spots? Here's how to adjust your mirrors properly
26 May 2023
Are you having trouble finding the right angles for your car's mirrors? Follow this useful guide to help eliminate those dangerous blind spots!
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Newspress UK | 149 views | Miscellaneous Advice