Your new and used car buying guide for 2021
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Want to buy a new car in Singapore for 2021? Use this smart sgCarMart car buying guide when you decide to switch to a different car (or own a new one).

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With the New Year comes new beginnings and new cars - but there are no upcoming new car roadshows, unfortunately, due to Covid-19 safety measures. 

No roadshows? No big deal! You can still buy your ideal car at a fantastic deal with these eight golden rules:
  1. Check out sgCarMart car of the year 2020
  2. Research on COE trends and buy when it's low
  3. Take a smaller loan where possible
  4. Compare loans and insurance options
  5. Look out for clearance cars
  6. Consider other options - Parallel importers and used cars
  7. Bargain for better deals and packages
  8. Get the most out of your old car

1. Check out sgCarMart car of the year 2020

No roadshows in 2021 can be a little frustrating. Just shortlist the cars you want from sgCarMart Car of the Year 2021!
With sgCarMart Car of the Year, you can still view some of the best new cars - online, of course, at the comfort of your own home.

We shortlisted the best cars of 2020 based on design, efficiency, versatility, value for money, popularity and spotlighted all the exciting features - all for your endless viewing pleasure.

Alternatively, if neither of the 71 cars pique your interest, you can keep a lookout for the models in 2021's new car lineup.
2. Research on COE trends and buy when it's low

If COE premiums do not look like they are going down, consider a used car instead
Rising COE prices since the circuit breaker may be a turn-off for the new car buyer, but don't let your dreams of owning a new car in 2021 falter. Track past COE bidding prices for the best lowest prices, and keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming COE bids.

For now, though, it's best to put off the new car purchase - especially if COE prices are peaking.

Want timely COE updates? Join our telegram channel for quick notifications.
3. Take a smaller loan where possible

A smaller loan, or shorter loan tenure can result in huge savings!
You can decide between a bank loan or an in-house loan offered by car dealers. Look up varying interest rates, terms and conditions so that you won't miss out crucial details.

Plus, the more you pay upfront for your new car, the smaller your loan will be and the lesser interest you need to pay in the long-run. After all, loans do amount to thousands of dollars over the years.
4. Compare insurance options

Always explore and compare all options that are available to you
As car insurance is compulsory for vehicle ownership in Singapore, first-time car buyers should research the various car insurance options available.

It's important to know what affects your car insurance quotes and how insurers differ from one another. Some insurers might offer higher excess but lowered premiums, which means you pay less upfront. 
5. Look out for clearance cars

You should consider management cars and display units for huge savings!
If you're okay with display units, do consider showroom cars. They're often sold at a lower price because they've clocked some mileage on test drives and many different people touch and sit in it daily.

Alternatively, you can consider management cars too. They're considerably new, given that they're only briefly used by car dealership staff and sold at a significantly lower price.
6. Consider other options - Parallel importers and used cars

While authorised dealers usually offer the best services, you should consider other options as well
Authorised dealers offer top-notch services and field expertise on specific new car models, but it all comes at a higher price. Meanwhile, Parallel Importers can give you a no-frills deal with a lower up-front price.

For the economical car buyer, opt for used cars instead. Used cars are considerably cheaper than new cars, and who knows? You might even find something just a couple of years old with juicy modifications thrown in! Now, that's a steal.
7. Bargain for better deals and packages

In true Singaporean kiasu spirit, we believe that you should always bargain for the best deal!
While you might be the one out to purchase a new car, the salesperson probably wants to close the deal as much or even more than you.

Before signing the new car sales agreement, ask the car salesperson for discounted prices and free servicing. They will likely throw in some freebies to sweeten the deal for you and close the sale for themselves.

Other perks include sgCarMart's own warranty package, which comes with the aforementioned servicing and an inspection as part of the certification process. This will provide peace of mind once you take ownership of the car, knowing that due diligence has been put into ensuring it’s in good working order. 

Still, if things do go south, you'll be doubly protected if the existing lemon law doesn't cover the issue, saving you from a potential $10k hole burnt in your pocket.

The number one rule of haggling: "If you don't ask, you won't get anything".

8. Get the most out of your old car

Finally, you need to know how to sell your old car for more. Even if it's just a couple of hundred dollars, every cent will contribute towards greater savings in your bank account.

Want to be more economical amidst peaking COE prices? Check out sgCarMart's used car market. You'll find something within your budget, for sure.

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*This article was updated by Alexandra Cheung on 18/1/2021

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