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Technical Expertise
3.0 Customer Service
Value for money
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Average services, expensive workmanship  Posted on 15-Dec-2017
  • Technical Expertise3.0
  • Customer Service2.0
  • Value for money1.0
  • Outlet Experience2.0
Fixed the first appointment of the day for the first 1k servicing and it took them 6 hours to complete it! Accessories were sold at extortion price without installation. The only comfort might be their technical expertise on Subaru vehicles.

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 Posted on 16-Nov-2009
  • Technical Expertise4.0
  • Customer Service4.0
  • Value for money4.0
  • Outlet Experience4.0
You show up for your scheduled appointment, and they'll upsell you stuff. Want to upgrade your air filter? Want this oil? Want that? I think this is expected of them, but it does tire after a few visits. They're big, so they have a system. They tag your keys, give you a service receipt, remind you to take your valuables. The work is good, I have no complaints. Although I sometimes wonder if they drain your oil hot, or do they wait for it to cool down. My first "paid" servicing is coming up soon, I wonder how much I'll get charged. And as long as you don't modify, you keep your warranty!

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 Posted on 13-Jun-2009
  • Technical Expertise2.0
  • Customer Service2.0
  • Value for money2.0
  • Outlet Experience2.0
An appointment was fixed and sent in my vehicle in the morning at 9am, for "Run-In" service. Collected my car at 4pm!! Saw some other car owners who are believed to be regulars, all they had to do was to make some small talk with the service adviser and they got to drive away their cars in just 2 hrs!!
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