Rolls-Royce Wraith F1 Auto Cars Edition

Rolls-Royce Wraith F1 Auto Cars Edition

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Consumer Car Reviews

Went down to Jack Cars on 9 Jan to take a look at this car. I must say the ZR-V is really well built. However, what irked me was the lack of full leather seats. It was a deal breaker. I have since gone on to ask for a custom preorder through Car Vault, and should receive the Z grade e:HEV in premium crystal blue metallic around early October 2024. At the current 105k Cat B COE, the whole car costs $225,888. Shift by wire is one push factor for me. And so is the very strong hybrid powertrain, the same one I had in the US when I drove the 2023 Accord Hybrid. I know the power of that powertrain, and know for sure that I can clear junctions with ease here, of course while making sure not to speed above speed limit because of TP activating speed detection in RLCs from Q2 2024. 184hp and 315Nm of torque. Dominate any road, and leave any normal car beside you in the dust. Coming from a Honda Fit (4th Gen, MY 2021), this is a godsend. Almost double the hp, and massive gains to torque, plus instant torque due to the dual electric motors. All within a manageable package. I've driven the Merc C180 W205 and Volvo S60 T2, and can manage those sizes, so this isn't an issue given it's only 4570mm long.

Great car, fantastic value for money, considering he is cheaper than the sub-subcompact Lexus UX it has an amazing list of features and accessories. Downsides: (1) road noise & engine noise still too loud and intrusive and unbefitting of a premium brand offering from MB. At highway speeds the engine produces a high pitch whiiiiiiine almost like a whistle, whilst the road noise from the tyres and under-chassis becomes a continuous ROAR (2) suspension is cushy and comfortable, even vaguely reminiscent of Citroen's cloud-like hydropneumatic suspension. In Sports Mode the GLB there's just a hint of unsteadiness cornering and nose-diving (when hard) (3) front instruments display in my humble opinion too small (height-wise), and as a result looks, errr, disappointingly stingy and cheapo in a premium car. (4) the "Driver advisory" Voice service can be irritating especially added to the duet performed by the OBU unit, and has to be silenced each time you start it up. (5) ideally they should make the 3rd row of seats easily removable by the user just like the torneau (6) rear doors have no courtesy/puddle lights, again a strange oversight in a premium product especially in view that they even remember to put a puddle light on the rear boot lid. Even the old 1990s era W124 saloon had puddle lights on all 4 passenger doors (7) all the driving command buttons (engine start/stop, transmission, parking brake, dynamic mode, autopark, etc) should be gathered on the central console with a safety hatch over the autopark button. As things now stand the buttons and levers for driving control functions are scattered randomly all over the dashboard and steering wheel column. (8) There should be a Ctrl-Alt-Del reboot option to reset everything instantly to factory original default (for eg by stepping on the brake pedal, pressing a physical button with right hand, and another physical button on the fob). The +/- paddle gear selectors are tiny and perched ontop of the left and right spokes of the steering wheel, which is an odd and awkward placement, requiring very strange and fiddly finger placements to operate. Paddle gear selectors should be decently sized crescent-shaped things on left and right of the steering wheel circumference - for eg as in the Mitsubishi SUV.

Had it for a week and love everything Omoda E5 has to offer. Performance is great and the interior is well designed with quality finishing.
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