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Hyundai's Click & Drive is an omni-channel online car retail platform, with which customers can configure and finalise their purchase decisions through.

08 Nov 2018 | International News : Singapore

It seems you can now buy just about anything online. These days, you can even buy a brand new car over the Internet as Komoco Motors and Hyundai Motor Company introduce Click & Drive, an omni-channel online car retail platform in Singapore. Hyundai customers in Singapore are the first in the world to experience this new digital initiative as the Korean carmarker finds Singapore the perfect test-bed to implement innovative ideas

Hyundai customers can first read the reviews of the cars they are interested in on the Click & Drive site
Click & Drive streamlines and offers a more convenient and seamless car buying experience, both online and in-store. This is part of Komoco Motors' and Hyundai Motor Company's joint continuous efforts to provide customers with a better retail experience.

With Click & Drive, customers can make better informed decisions on their purchases by first checking out expert reviews of the Hyundai models on sale, check colour availability, and work out their financing options.

Additionally, to further enhance the online shopping experience, a 360-degree 3D configurator has been embedded that allows customers to view both the exterior and interior features of their selected Hyundai models.

It also allows for online transactions where customers can make booking payments to secure the exclusive, special deals that are only applicable when they buy their Hyundai through Click & Drive. To ensure a smooth online retail experience, customers will also get to speak to a member of the Komoco sales team via a live chat function on the site regarding purchase enquiries, transactions and promotions.

Click & Drive offers customers a breakdown of the downpayment, loan and instalment for the car
More importantly, Click & Drive eases paperwork as customers can now submit their documents online before visiting the Hyundai showroom to finalise their deals. This includes application for financing, credit approvals, budget calculations and driving documents.

Once a customer's financial application has been successfully approved, he or she can sign the final documents by visiting the Hyundai showroom or request a Sales Consultant's visit at a desired location and time.

For test drives, the Sales Consultants will also personally drive the selected Hyundai model to the customer's preferred location, be it their home, office, or even shopping malls.

Hyundai Click & Drive in Singapore was developed with the support of local digital specialist and web development company, Syion Pte Ltd. The online platform is fully operational on all days but is not available for booking on COE bidding days from 12:00pm, to the next working day at 12:00pm.

The platform at goes live at 12:00pm on Friday (9 November). The next country to enjoy the benefits of Click & Drive is Australia, which will get it later in December this year, with four other countries to follow next year.

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