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Chevrolet has become the next automaker to have a presence on TikTok by debuting on the platform with a music video featuring the Silverado.

23 Feb 2021 | International News : U.S.A.

Chevrolet has released a rebooted music video of the hit song, My Truck written and performed by the country-trap artist Breland. Marking Chevrolet's TikTok debut, My Truck features revamped song lyrics highlighting the Chevy Trucks lineup and dynamic visuals that feature a Silverado in a starring role.

The music video is viewable now on Chevrolet's TikTok profile, which just launched this February. Chevrolet is one of only a few automotive brands with a channel on TikTok and plans to reach new audiences through the platform.

While filming the music video, Chevrolet leveraged three distinct locations across Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. These backdrops not only highlight the beauty of the city, but also represent the diversity of truck customers. Within the video, Chevrolet pairs each location with unique Chevrolet Silverado trims, showcasing the variety of models available for all types of owners.

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