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5D Solutions offers peace of mind if you're looking to invest in paint protection services for your car's paintwork.

29 Aug 2017

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Nothing beats the excitement of driving home a brand new car. There's no denying the satisfaction of seeing your new car's immaculate paintwork shine and sparkle, as though it has driven straight off the showroom floor.

Washing your car is only a short-term solution to keeping your car in tip-top shape, and paint protection services offer a longer term solution
But maintaining your car in tip-top condition can be tough, especially in Singapore where there are many factors that can cause your car's paintwork to deteriorate rapidly. Our erratic weather, with blazing sun coupled with pouring rain, certainly doesn't help. Then there’s also the worry of dirt and dust, caused by construction works or pollution from other vehicles.

While washing your car can eradicate these problems, a longer term solution would be to opt for paint protection services. Not only will they prevent the build up of dirt and grime on your car’s paintwork, they can also add a glossy shine to give your car that showroom finish once again.

Paint protection services are gaining popularity in Singapore thanks to a number of factors. The increasingly hectic lifestyles that we lead mean that it is getting tougher to dedicate time to keeping our cars looking spick and span. Paint protection services offer a fuss-free and permanent solution to help protect the car's paintwork, especially from external elements such as weather conditions or dust.

Being able to keep your car's paintwork in mint condition will also help with the resale value should you decide to sell your car in the future. As such, opting for paint protection services can be seen as a worthwhile investment for savvy car owners.

Who is 5D Solutions?

5D Solutions Pte Ltd is a car grooming shop that specialises in paint protection, and are a sister company to New Age Polish. As such, 5D Solutions have adapted New Age Polish's techniques and methods to ensure that customers receive the same level of service quality and standard.

5D Solutions offers a wide range of services, including car grooming, foam washing, waxing and polishing, leather restoration, steam cleaning and pest fumigation. But its most popular services are paint protection and paintwork restoration, with the latter especially popular with older cars. Newer cars tend to go for paint protection to preserve their showroom shine, according to owner Gabriel Chia.
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