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If you're considering a new set of tyres that will pamper both you and your car with calm and comfort, you might want to consider the Bridgestone Turanza T005A.

01 Jun 2018

Due to the road surface contact they make, it's normal to hear tyre sounds when you drive. A hum-like sound, which varies in decibel depending on the type of tyre, would be the easiest way to describe this.

The Turanza T005A offers an exceptionally comfortable driving experience for both short and long-distance journeys
Advertising Sales Manager Ben, however, describes the sound of his new tyres as the sound of silence, reminiscent of the Simon and Garfunkel cover by Chicago-based heavy metal band Disturbed.

That's because for the last month or so, Ben's Mazda6 has been running around on a set of Bridgestone's latest Turanza flagship, which he says is disturbingly silent.

The Bridgestone Turanza range is made for drivers like Ben who want the best of both worlds; the performance of the Potenza range and the luxury of a quiet, comfortable ride.

The latest and greatest of which, is the Turanza T005A that Ben has chosen. It is the successor to the Turanza GR-100 and boasts a heavily revised formula that promises an even smoother journey with first-class comfort, superior quietness and assured safety.

How did Bridgestone achieve that?

For starters, the Turanza T005A features a variable pitch that reduces pattern noise and high-angle sipes that are fine-tuned to soften the tyre's impact on the road, thus leading to less road noise generated. According to Ben, the quietness of the Turanza T005A is evident from the word go.

The T005A's improved tyre contact shape and reinforced sidewall help reduce vibrations
"Have you ever been in an electric car? The silence is something that will initially seem eerie if it's your first time in one. The Turanza T005A offered the same sort of feeling when I first drove out of the tyre shop, which isn't a bad thing," he says.

Even over the one-too-many poorly paved roads in Singapore, Ben shares that the Turanza T005A is noticeably much quieter than any other tyre he's ever used. "It's sort of like gliding over water," he explains.

In addition, the improved tyre contact shape and reinforced sidewall help reduce vibrations, while ensuring consistent contact pressure on the road to reduce shock and impact noise for better comfort.

But tyres are for primarily for grip, road noise levels are secondary, right?

Of course, as the flagship of the Turanza range, the T005A has to do just about everything well and superior grip is another of its many talents. According to Bridgestone, the T005A has been improved at the molecular level, with the company introducing an exclusive Nano Pro-Tech.

A new compound helps improve wet performance
The new compound is engineered to strengthen the bond between silica and polymer to increase the contact area, resulting in reduced heat generation and energy loss, leading to better wet performance and safety.

At the same time, aside from comfort, the chamfering on the tyre prevents deformation and ensures flatter connection with the road for improved braking performance.

After a month of usage, Ben says that whether it's sunny or pouring, the T005A has never failed to stick to the road, offering all-weather pace and performance anywhere and everywhere.

I'm convinced. Does the T005A fit my car and where can I get a set?

While it's selected as original fitment by premium car brands, that doesn't mean the T005A isn't suitable for bread-and-butter models. In fact, it's available in 36 different sizes, fitting rims from 15 to 19 inches and 35 to 65 tyre profile series.

At the same time, owners of cars like the Mercedes-Benz B-Class and the Mazda6, which are factory fitted with the Turanza T001, may also consider switching up to a set of T005As once their existing rubbers run out.

Likewise, car owners who are currently on the Turanza GR-100 should also consider the T005A as their next upgrade. For more information, please visit or contact any of the authorised Bridgestone dealers.

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