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22 Jan 2018

Facelift (What's New)
Improved exterior design
Cabin switchgear and finishing is of higher quality
Updated infotainment system
CVT now has a seven-speed manual mode
Lightened engine internals
Equipped with Subaru EyeSight

The Subaru Legacy gets a propitious update comprising design, cabin and powertrain revisions and the company's newly launched EyeSight safety system.

Being second best might not sound like such a bad thing to many. But what if you've been stuck in second place for three years in a row? That's exactly what the Subaru Legacy had to endure, losing the title of sgCarMart's Family Sedan of the Year to the Mazda6 three times, since 2015.

It's unfortunate because the Subaru Legacy has always been a car with preciously few faults and it's always been a well-furnished and comfortable family mover.

The Legacy's luck, however, might just be about to change for the better with the revisions it has received for 2018.

The Legacy sports new lightweight turbine-shaped 18-inch wheels to go along with its updated exterior

So what's new on the Legacy?

For starters, it's better looking than the outgoing car, although the differences will take a keen eye to spot. Subaru has tweaked the design of the Legacy's bumpers, grille and wing mirrors.

It now also wears a new set of lightweight turbine-shaped 18-inch wheels and plated fog lamp covers, all of which translate into a more modern and classier appearance.

There's improved functionality to go along with its new face, too. The headlamps are now steering responsive, offering improved visibility especially when rounding a bend at night.

A new 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system that's Apple Carplay and Android Auto-equipped

The subtlety of the update continues on the inside, with improved switchgears, gloss black centre console finishing and higher-quality soft-touch trims.

Infotainment elements have also been stepped up a notch. A high-resolution 8.0-inch touchscreen display replaces the 7.0-inch of old, and is now equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard.

Powertrain seems the same, though

While the pairing remains a naturally aspirated, horizontally-opposed 2.5-litre engine mated to a CVT transmission, the weight of the moving components in the engine has been reduced
And engine ignition timing has been reviewed to improve the smoothness of the car's acceleration and overall power delivery.

The CVT transmission, too, has been altered for improved response and now has a seven-speed manual mode for a sportier drive.

More importantly, a new alternator has been adopted to increase generating efficiency and improve fuel consumption, which is usually the concern with all-wheel drive cars.

Power figures remain the same as before at 173bhp and 235Nm

Ah, and there's EyeSight to keep you safer

The most important improvement to the Legacy, however, is the addition of the aforementioned EyeSight system.

It comes as standard on the car and is Subaru's proprietary driver assist system that uses a range of functions to provide for safer and more comfortable driving, as well as to reduce driver fatigue.

Under the right circumstances, the stereo camera-operated system will apply the brakes or reduce the throttle to minimise the risk of a collision.

Design and quality of the car have been improved both inside and out, and it's now even safer thanks to EyeSight

Admittedly, although the Legacy's latest evolution isn't any means a revolution of sorts, the upgrades it has received will definitely play an important part in improving its competitive edge.

At face value, Subaru has turned a car with preciously few faults into one that's now thoroughly capable of being the best in class.

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