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02 Mar 2023

What We Dislike
Infotainment is prone to lag

The MG 4 combines sporty styling with a sweet ride and decent energy economy, but could do with some improvements to its infotainment system.

"So... is it Italian?" My friend queries as we both get into the MG 4, even after I've explained the car's newfound Sino-British lineage the third time. For all those thinking of buying this MG 4, be forewarned: You're going to find yourself answering a lot of questions.

To be fair, it's not too hard to see where all this curiosity stems. This MG 4 is, after all, but the firm's third offering here in Singapore, and the first announcements of the brand's arrival here only first hit the news late in 2019. So, the brand is still relatively unknown to many here.

The MG 4's twin rear spoiler helps to visually set it apart from any other hatchback
But also adding impetus to the line of questions is the fact that the design of the MG 4 is quite dramatic, a radical departure from the more plain-Jane designs of the marque's previous two offerings here: The MG 5 and MG ZS.

A radically appealing design

I imagine my friend's insistence on the Italian origins of the MG 4 is down to the fact that, when viewed from the front, its pointed head lights alongside the large vertical intakes that sit at either corner give it a passing similarity to the Lamborghini Urus.

Look elsewhere and you'll find plenty other design features on the MG 4 that look outright borrowed from other vehicles. The indentation on the bonnet of the MG 4 looks like it belongs on the Jaguar I-PACE, for example. And those taillights readily recall those of the Toyota bZ4X we tested not so far back.

The small buttons and sliders of the air-conditioning menu can take your attention away from the road
Don't crack open those jokes about cheap Chinese imitations just yet. The MG 4 may not sport the most coherent design out there, but based on how people have been reacting when presented with one, it could be exactly what MG needs to get people curious about that badge up front.

A capable and sporty drive

And if they make it into a showroom to test one, they will not walk away disappointed. If MG has been learning from competitors, it clearly has picked up all the right lessons from the best rivals out there when it comes to ride and handling.

This MG 4 is based on a new Modular Scalable Platform architecture, which places the battery cells horizontally so they stand just 110mm tall. This places the centre-of-gravity of the car down low and facilitates a 50:50 weight distribution across the axles.

You can set your own level of regenerative braking and steering weight in the custom drive mode
And this new platform pays dividends when it comes to ride quality. Take the MG 4 out for a spirited drive and you'll find that the ride is but a touch on the firm side. But what this electric car offers in return is excellent body control.

Keen drivers will also appreciate the steering here, which comes with good weight and feel. And once up to speed, the MG 4 also maintains a largely quiet cabin, with only road noise starting to creep in when you're driving over rougher tarmac. With an energy consumption rate of 6.4km/kWh, this MG 4 will also easily get you 400km of driving between charges.

All passengers will be mighty pleased to sit in the MG 4 as well, with decent leg and kneeroom on offer, and a nearly flat rear passenger floor (another benefit of keeping the batteries low in the car). All seats here also come with some mighty soft headrests.

Rear leg and headroom is decent in the MG 4 thanks to the slim batteries utilised under the floor
There are some ergonomic issues here, however. To start, rear visibility for the driver is limited by the car's slim rear windscreen as well as the use of thick C-pillars.

A not-so-great user interface

Then there's the infotainment system. Measuring a total of 10.25-inches across, the central screen is clear and offers pleasing colours, but there's no place for which to rest your palm when operating it.

Adjusting the air-conditioning temperature or the fan speed, for example, thus requires a precision that can be tricky to achieve when you're already on the go. And the system is also prone to lag, particularly when switching between sub-menus. It's a good thing the air-conditioning in the MG 4 is downright frosty.

The boot offers up a total of 398 litres of space
Put the radio on pause and it will turn itself on when you switch the car out of reverse. And that rotary gear selector also needs to be brought closer to the driver to make parking in tight parallel lots and executing those cheeky three-point turns less of a hassle.

A great electric car

Should all these put you off getting one? I don't think so. At $82,888 without COE, this MG 4 is quite the competitive electric vehicle.

All-electric hatchback rivals here include the Nissan Leaf, priced at $175,800 and equipped with a 40kWh battery and a 148bhp motor. Shoppers might also cross-shop the MG 4 against the Kia EV6, although Kia's crossover comes with a $259,999 price tag when equipped with the 58kWh battery and the 168bhp motor.

Looking for an electric hatch that is both eye-catching and a pleasure to drive? This MG 4 will serve you well
If you're looking at SUV rivals however, this MG 4 matches dollar-for-dollar the price of the more sedate looking MG ZS EV SUV, while offering a total of 201bhp instead of the ZS EV's 174bhp. More critically, the MG 4 comes with a 64kWh battery, as opposed to the ZS EV's 51kWh battery.

The figures for the MG 4 also closely match those of the 201bhp BYD Atto 3, which comes in at $189,888 (with COE) and comes with a 60.5kWh battery. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise if this MG 4 sells well here.

And if it does become commonplace on our roads you might not even need to attend to as many inquisitive passengers.

In the market for stylish all-electric cars? There's also these options to consider:

The Polestar 2 is highly functional and modern looking

While the Volvo C40 delivers on build quality and performance

The Standard Range Tesla Model 3 comes with ample performance and high badge appeal

See more of the dramatic styling of this MG4 in our video review here!

Car Information
MG 4 EV Trophy Sport LR 64 kWh (A)
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: $82,888 (w/o COE)

Engine Type



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150kW (201 bhp)



250 Nm



Single-speed (A)

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