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Paint Protection, Car Care Products, Car Grooming - Wash & Polish, Solar Films & Tinting

CS-II Paint Protection offers products, processes, and services intended to protect, preserve, and maintain the surface of your car, among other things, from climate and elemental damages, physical impacts, and seal the surface with a flawless finish. TitaniumSH is the latest state-of-the-art paint protection technology by CS-II; a shape-persistent top coat which utilizes unique re-bonding dynamic. The common SiO2 coating is passive and only provides a layer of barrier over the manufacturer's lacquer without any regeneration ability. TitaniumSH is an active layer that responds autonomously and without external intervention to intrinsically repair itself from damages. TitaniumSH helps to reduce the formation of minor scratches, swirl markings, and light scattering, giving superior optical clarity CS-II Titanium Coating is a hard-wearing, extremely long lasting crystal coat that acts as protective armor for paintwork surfaces. It's durable, but nonetheless flexible and breathable to ensure that the coating will not buckle under pressure. Titanium Coating is approx. 67-micron Quartz coating thick and made of almost pure silicon dioxide. It is the only coating that comes with an Activator Layer and a Coating Layer to strengthen the paintwork against fading, fallout, etching, water-spotting and staining, etc. All of CS-II products are made in USA, licensed and certified by ISO as environmentally safe and non-toxic, and come equipped with comprehensive warranty coverage, integrated user supports, and appropriate warranty for post-application quality control. CS-II list of services includes thermoplastic polyurethane Paint Protection Film, LTA-approved Solar Film, and grooming services e.g. Cabin Sterilization and Smell Removal, Paintless Dent Repair, Leather Restoration, and Pest Removal.

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Unique (Since 1995) Pte Ltd Reviews
Do you love the perfect colour, shine and gloss of a new car? Here are the best paint protection specialists to keep your car in that showroom-fresh condition.
3642 Consumer Reviews

   Very satisfied  
They did what I expected and I am very satisfied. The staff also patiently explained the whole process and maintenance work to me in detail. I will definitely be back for a car wash and do coating maintenance.😍 - Ivan, Owner of Mercedes Benz C180K SKA29--P
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   Watermark is also significantly reduced  
Both of my Bike choose their bike coating. Their high quality coating allows my Honda GL1800A to protect my bike paint well when driving on the road. The watermark is also significantly reduced after using the bike coating, I will recommended this service and product for bike owners - Thomas, Owner of Honda GL1800A FBS5--G
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   Great polish and interior cleaning service  
Great polish and interior cleaning service, priced within my budget and still achieving great results. The workers also tried their best to make excellent conditions for me carπŸ‘ - Ridwan, Owner of Mercedes Benz S400L SNG62--U
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   Very shiny and smooth  
My car now looks very shiny and smooth, and the interior has cleaned up nicely for me. - Ho, Owner of BMW Z4 SJG61--D
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Unique (Since 1995) Pte Ltd
53 Ubi Avenue 1 #01-40 Paya Ubi Industrial Park S(408934)

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