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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Jan 1970.
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Honda Vezel Vin's Auto Edition
4.5 stars - based on 3 reviews
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3 Consumer Reviews

Trade old Vezel to new generation Vezel `
I love the new look + it's allot bigger + rear aircon +motorised tailgate ! then previous generation Vezel - still feel dark at the rear, and window doesn't go all the way down in the rear. - engine noise.
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One of the Best Options at this Price Point! `
IMHO the other competing crossovers at this price range from Toyota, Mazda etc. Don't even come close to this new Honda Vezel in terms of overall design and features. I love the brand new external design - including the front grill design (which might not be for everyone) and the slightly more boxy, SUV-like shape as well as the rear tail-lights; Compared to the previous generation Vezel and its tryhard sporty design with exaggerated curves, this new one looks infinitely more premium and attractive. The most prominent interior change would be the new air-con design which has worked wonderfully well for me so far in channeling cold air to the rear passenger space. Fuel economy wise, the new Vezel appears to be performing beyond my expectations (as well as the specifications on paper. Based on my initial 500km of testing (around 70% Highway/expressway), I have been averaging around 16.5 - 18 km/L which is plenty impressive. Contrary to the assumptions by some of the posters in the new Vezel/HRV forum thread, the default soundproofing is done quite well and I can barely hear any road noise even while cruising at 90km/h. The only drawbacks I can think of at the moment are: 1) Slow acceleration (to be expected for a CAT A car) 2) Rear headroom isn't the best - I am 185cm tall and if I sit upright at the rear my head would be brushing against the roof. However, there is more than sufficient rear legroom for tall passengers like myself to sit in a more slouched position for better headroom clearance. 3) Elevated rear middle seat rendering this seat for children or dwarves (no offence)
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So much space! Even compared to Harrier and GLB! `
Upgraded from a supermini to Vezel 2021 and the spaces I get out from it was generous! Legroom for the rear passenger, spacious. Legroom for the front driver and passenger even with the huge legroom at the rear, outstanding. Honda did a great job in having the interior size expanded (even compare to the old variant for Vezel). Externally, it was all new design. At a glance, it looks like a smaller version of Harrier, and looks much bigger than the old Vezel. Internally, even though there are still hard plastic here and there to keep the cost down, everything still looks and feels great (thinking that leather overtime will turn out sticky, espcially on the dashboard). I purchased this car due to needing to put a baby stroller and also a baby child seat. When not needed, the baby seat could just be kept in the boot with no issue and will be able to sit 3 adults. Overall, given the price, size and specs for Vezel (unable to comment on HR-V as it had not been launched), I'm all good for the Vezel! Once HR-V is launched, we will see what's the main difference between the current Vezel and the new HR-V.
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