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Honda Jazz Hybrid 1.5 ECVT Luxe e-HEV (A) Video Review

Honda Jazz Hybrid vs Nissan Note e-POWER Hybrid

Honda Jazz Hybrid 1.5 ECVT Luxe e-HEV (A) Review

Should you pump higher RON petrol for better performance? Not so fast...

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(launched 2021, facelifted Feb-2023)

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1.5 Luxe e-HEV (A)
$172,999 spacer Down
$16,600 /yr 22.7km/L 130 bhp E-CVT (A)
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Price updated 09-May-2024

Honda Jazz Hybrid
3.5 stars - based on 7 reviews
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Honda Jazz Hybrid vs Nissan Note e-POWER Hybrid
Between the new Honda Jazz and the Nissan Note, both hybrid offerings now, which compact hatchback should you choose?
Honda Jazz
More comfortable and flexible cabin
Ample technology and safety systems
More refined and efficient powertrain
Nissan Note
Pleasing exterior design
Drives with greater agility and briskness
Simple, straightforward and easy-to-use
7 Consumer Reviews

Sensible Car for Urban Environments `
The Honda Jazz is a Singaporean staple, now in its 4th generation. Unlike the bold and sharp design of the 3rd, the current car is softer and shows a lot of rounded corners on the outside. Have driven the 3rd and test drove the 4th. The new version has a more pronounced upright driving position. It retains the rear magic seats options and front seats are more body supportive. While this is good for most people, people who need more space might find it a little tight. There is some similar design cues from other more electric cars from Honda's range, the interior seems to be more family friendly oriented than than the 3rd. The Jazz is a good option for those who are thinking about their first car to run about town and need the option of some cargo space. And the plus is that the Jazz has been around for more than 20 years, and that this is the latest version Honda has to offer.
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Luxe vs Cross Star `
I test drove the facelifted variants some time in August and have not gotten around to writing the review. Both variants come with a 90kW or 121hp electric motor, 14hp more than the 80kW or 107hp motor. Torque is still the same. When I test drove the cross star variant, it was basically a normal jazz on high heels. I don't get the point of it because a hatchback is supposed to stay a hatchback. Other brands are trying to squeeze some sort of SUV into each segment. The cross star did not have very direct steering and had more body roll when driving around corners. The interior was rather rugged and the two-tone 2-spoke steering wheel was just simply just tacky and does not match the rugged interior, the lack of a center console arm rest is also very weird of a feel to me. All in all, the cross star struggles to put the power down because of its softer suspension set up and cornering in the car makes the user lose confidence. However, things are different in the Luxe over the Cross Star. The Luxe has a more aggressive front fascia making it more desirable and really does mean serious business. The interior is still the same as what you would expect from the Jazz... 2-spoke steering wheel, original factory head unit, leather-wrapped and a center console arm rest. This is where it gets more interesting for the Luxe over the Cross Star. Suspension while firm, The Luxe variant was competent in putting the power down. However for both cars, they struggle and run out of breath after the 100km/h mark. If the pre-facelift variant was good at accelerating, the facelifted Luxe does it better. I would say that the Cross Star is good as a lifestyle vehicle while the Luxe is a more sporty vehicle, at this point it can be considered a semi-hot hatch with the acceleration times. All in all, both variants have a specific target market, but the Luxe to me would be something I would consider as it is a hatchback and not something in-between like the cross star. Practicality wise, both are similar with a 304L boot, ultra seats. Honda Sensing is also standard minus the Low Speed Follow found on the HR-V.
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Round and cute hatch, with efficiency to match `
Our island's favourite hatchback now comes with an excellent drivetrain, adding to its already strong appeal as an everyday sensible drive.
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Dentures-removed Grandpa face `
Was looking for a car for my parents, hence shortlisted the Jazz since it is compact and easier to drive. Looks is a "No" For me personally, but acceptable for my parents.
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