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Naran Automotive is set to debut its hyper-coupe later in 2021, and the accompanying 'Celare Pack' will allow customers to tailor their own driving experience.

11 Feb 2021 | International News : U.K.

Naran Automotive has revealed a unique 'Celare Pack' for its debut model - The Naran. The 'Celare Pack' highlights the duality of The Naran, an aggressive on track weapon as well as an object of beauty. It allows customers to tailor the four-seat hyper-coupe to meet their individual needs, whether they prefer pushing the limits on the track or a more understated and elegant aesthetic on public roads.

The name is derived from the Latin for 'to conceal or hide' - is inspired by the adjustable systems used in motorsport, includes the removal of the rear wing, adjustments to the front-end aerodynamic setup with airflow disrupters and a change of tyres.

The rear spoiler on the Naran can be removed within 20 minutes to give the car a sleek and svelte look
Within 20 minutes the aerodynamic package can be installed or removed by Naran Automotive engineers, switching the Naran between road-legal GT3 race car and a piece of art. Owners will receive a carbon wing cradle to mount the wing when not in use.

Naran Automotive has worked with technical partner EY3 Engineering to optimise whole vehicle aerodynamics to deliver this focused performance without compromising the monolithic design language and unmistakable coupe silhouette of the Naran.

The world-class team has developed unique, hidden solutions to deliver a perfectly balanced vehicle, including motorsport-inspired carbon composite bargeboards, which are attached directly to the front wishbone to help smooth airflow from the front wheels.

A full flat floor and split-rear diffuser deliver critical airflow to energise the rear wing, while the front splitter directs flow under the car feeding the front diffusers to generate all front downforce. The cooling channels above feed the brake discs, engine intake and cooling pack, with the latter exiting through the bonnet to increase downforce and reduce drag.

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