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McLaren Singapore today premieres the McLaren Elva in Gulf Livery by MSO, a celebration of the renewed relationship between McLaren and the Gulf Oil brand.

06 May 2021 | Local News : Singapore

The unique McLaren roadster in the iconic blue and orange Gulf colours made its debut in Singapore alongside the special 720S Le Mans edition and limited edition coupe 620R.

Just 149 examples of the Ultimate Series Elva roadster are available for customer order, making it one of the rarest McLarens ever produced and, with an almost-limitless degree of personalisation available from MSO, allowing each car to have its own unique identity. And because of that, the car will set you back approximately $5.4 million to register in Singapore.

Apart from the Elva, the special 720S Le Mans edition (left) and limited edition coupe 620R (right) made its debut too
The new multi-year partnership between McLaren and Gulf Oil renews a historic union between the two brands that originated in the 1960s, a decade when both companies made their first forays into motorsport. Gulf branding appeared on McLaren's Can-Am, Formula One and Indy cars from 1968 to 1973. Two decades later, McLaren F1 GTRs run by customer team GTC carried the famous Gulf livery in global GT racing, including at the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans. Under the new partnership, McLaren Automotive customers have the opportunity to commission Gulf-liveried cars directly from MSO.

The Elva, which follows the McLaren P1, McLaren Senna and Speedtail in McLaren's Ultimate Series,
links McLaren's heritage to its past, present and future with a name and style that recalls the McLaren-Elva sports racers of the 1960s. These were among the first sportscars designed and raced by Bruce McLaren and the company he founded, and the Elva evokes the true spirit of driving enjoyment symbolised by this era.

The Elva looks menacing even from the back
To keep with McLaren's on-going commitment to super-lightweight engineering, the Ultimate Series roadster retains the lightweight construction philosophy of its forebear and is at the cutting-edge of automotive technology.

The body design of the screenless, roofless Elva, for example, incorporates an innovative Active Air Management System (AAMS) that creates a virtual canopy over the seamlessly-integrated cockpit, coupled with 815bhp and 800Nm developed by the 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine ensure that the Elva delivers astonishing performance and exceptional levels of driving enjoyment.

In true spirit of paying homage to McLaren's rich heritage in racing, a special 720S Le Mans edition as well as a limited edition, competition-inspired 620R was showcased alongside the Elva in Gulf Livery, for the very first time in Singapore.

There are only 149 examples of the McLaren Elva
The 720S Le Mans has been created to mark 25 years since McLaren F1 GTR #59 won the world-famous 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race. Taking the 720S supercar to a new level of exclusivity, each of the Le Mans edition cars carries a dedication plate featuring a 'McLaren 25 Anniversary Le Mans' logo. The VIN of each car will begin with 298, in recognition of the number of laps completed by the race-winning F1 GTR - one more than its closest rival. Limited to just 50 worldwide, Singapore will see one exclusive unit with McLaren Orange exterior paint available for customer purchase.

First in its class to offer true motorsport credentials in a fully road-legal package, the limited edition 620R evolves the competition specification of the McLaren 570S GT4 to deliver a race car experience on either track or road. Exclusive and extreme in equal measure, the McLaren 620R retains the DNA of a fully homologated track car yet is free from the restrictions that race regulations apply. Similar to the 720S Le Mans, the 620R in Silica White will be the only unit available in Singapore, out of 225 units available globally for customer order.

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