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This year's #3500Lives road safety campaign depicts the importance and responsibilities of road sharing amongst all road users.

22 Sep 2021 | Local News : Singapore

The Automobile Association of Singapore (AA Singapore), together with the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile, has partnered with outdoor advertising company JCDecaux, to launch the latest visual of its #3500Lives road safety campaign, representing the 3,500 lives lost around the world daily to traffic accidents.

The #3500Lives campaign encourages all road users to adopt simple, easily applicable, and efficient road safety rules. Since 2017, the campaign has taken place in more than 1,200 towns and cities in over 80 countries every year.

The theme of the #3500Lives campaign this year, 'Share the Road', depicts the importance and responsibilities of sharing roads amongst all road users. It is vital that all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists, play a part in sharing the road; it is the duty of each road user to adopt behaviours to enhance everyone's safety. The #3500Lives campaign is now being promoted in Singapore, with visuals displayed at various bus shelters.

Following the online campaign, AA Singapore is also planning for a series of road safety activities starting with a 'Share the Road' seminar and road safety event involving cyclists and motorists. We aim to bring across the road safety message that it is important for all road users to share and co-exist in order to keep our roads safe.

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