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A McLaren Sabre, Mclaren's most powerful non-hybrid road car to date with a limited production of 15 cars will be auctioned at Mecum Montery.

08 Aug 2022 | International News : U.S.A

Not many cars in history have been named after swords. Oldsmobile Cutlass, Buick La Sabre, Sunbeam Rapier, Lamborghini Espada. These are the names of all four cars that have been named after swords and have come before the McLaren Sabre. That makes the McLaren Sabre only the fifth car in history with such a name. It must therefore be a really special car isn't it?

With only 15 examples ever made, the title of being most powerful non-hybrid McLaren to ever exist boasting 824bhp and an estimated price of more than $4 million when new, you can say that the McLaren Sabre is certainly one of a kind.

Active rear air diffusers help to limit drag on straights to provide even more violent acceleration
Oh and did we mention the totally outlandish design? The outlandishness is partially due to its active rear air diffusers, McLaren's first ever, limiting drag on the straights.

Handling is also hydraulic, while suspension engineered to be more compliant than typically found in an Ultimate Series supercar. This was done intentionally as the McLaren Sabre was designed as being road-first as a priority.

This particular Mclaren Saber is chassis number 11 and will be heading to the Mecum Montery 2022 to be held from 18 August to 20 August 2022 in Montery, California. It is finished in Liquid Argentum paint, accented by Gloss Visual Carbon Fibre, Liquid Papaya pinstripes and inverwoven VCF graphics on the side blades.

Paintwork is an entirely bespoke job desgined by MSO and the customer
The exterior also features Volcano Orange brake calipers with a black McLaren logo and diamond-milled seven-spoked wheels finished in Gloss Black with Liquid Argentum center-lock nuts.

The Volcano Orange theme continues on the inside with the Volcan Orange driver's seat with contrasting Carbon Black passenger seats. These are complemented with contrasting MSO logos embroidered on the headrests and Liquid Papaya seat shell pinstripes.

This extremely detailed specification is thanks to MSO Commissions program beginning with a blank sheet of paper and allowing the customer to customize every minute detail of the car. Not does MSO allow the customer experience with the visual side of things but also the mechanical bits, with engineers and test drivers playing a part in making it an especially bespoke experience.

Carbon fibre bucket seats with thin padding help to reduce weight
Each of the 15 hypercars were individually hand-built and in a dedicated facility in Woking, U.K., where every customer took part in a personal one-to-one spec session to help ensure that the finished car matches their vision to a T.

After the bespoke tailoring session, customers got to experience the car hands on at a private test drive of a prototype McLaren Sabre at the Thermal Club in Palm Springs.

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