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The new Polestar 3 comes with loads of battery capacity and an even more impressive power output. We get an early look in this video feature!

17 Oct 2022 | International News : Sweden

If you're looking for a big, luxurious, and all-electric SUV, it's going to be worth waiting for this Polestar 3 to arrive in Singapore.

Equipped with a large 111kWh battery that gives a claimed range of 610km, this Polestar 3 not only has enough charge to last you for days, but can also keeping you zipping right through traffic, thanks to a generous 510bhp and 910Nm of torque.

And it's a really great looking SUV as well, but you'll just have to join us in the video above to catch the rest of the exterior and cabin of this car! So what are you waiting for? Hit that play button, and don't forget to leave a like and subscribe to our YouTube channel here, and we'll bring you more early looks at the latest cars in the future!

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