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Audi aims to reduce vehicle lifecycle carbon dioxide emissions
24 Sep 2019
The company has set itself the ambitious goal of successively reducing vehicle-specific carbon dioxide emissions by 30% by 2025.
Carbon offsetting just a click away for Porsche drivers in the U.S.A
08 Aug 2019
A new online tool that links individual emissions to specific climate projects allows drivers to enjoy their driving thrills with a neutral carbon footprint.
Vehicle inspection fees rise by 10% from April
11 Apr 2018
The Government is tightening its grip on vehicle emissions standards and has increased inspection fees by as much as 10%, with effect from 1st April.
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Last CNG taxi scrapped, gas cars down to 1,000
29 Jan 2018
The last of TransCab's Compressed Natural Gas taxis was scrapped last month, due to limited refuelling stations and poor cost advantages over normal cabs.
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VES - How does it affect you as a car buyer?
19 Jan 2018
More than half the cars in this list face a hike in taxes, no thanks to the new Vehicular Emissions Scheme. Find out how this affects you as a car buyer.
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Bargains up, car stock down with stiffer emissions rules
15 Aug 2017
The Euro 6 emissions standards that will take effect in two weeks' time offer vehicle buyers some bargains but stocks for popular models have yet to arrive.
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Electric cars given small kick-start with LTA tax revision
30 Jun 2017
The Land Transport Authority has decided to reduce the carbon emission factor of electric cars by 20 percent, it announced on Friday 30th June.
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Tougher inspection standards for petrol vehicles
08 Mar 2017
Inspection standards for petrol vehicles are set to tighten from April 2018, with stipulated lower carbon monoxide emissions and a new hydrocarbons cap.
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Hybrid cars are hot in Singapore
06 Mar 2017
According to statistics from the Land Transport Authority, there were 10,848 petrol-electric hybrid cars on Singapore roads as of January this year.
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New Vehicular Emissions Scheme and restructured diesel taxes
20 Feb 2017
The current Carbon Emissions-based Vehicle Scheme will be replaced with a new Vehicular Emissions Scheme while diesel taxes are restructured.
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Vehicle carbon emissions scheme under review - may include other pollutants
04 Jan 2017
The Land Transport Authority and National Environment Agency are reviewing the Carbon Emissions-based Vehicle Scheme, which may be revised.
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How the new CEVS impacts new car depreciation
18 May 2015
We come up with a comprehensive table for you to better understand how the new CEVS impacts new car depreciation and whether panic buying is necessary.
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Revised CEVS and demand from ageing cars' owners buoying COE prices
18 Apr 2015
Despite a huge spike in Certificates of Entitlement supply, most automotive dealers are not expecting premiums to drop.
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Changes to CEVS scheme resulting in higher COE prices
05 Mar 2015
A revised Carbon Emissions-based Vehicle Scheme announced last month could be one of the biggest factors for rising Certificate of Entitlement prices.
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Changes to CEVS scheme extreme to car dealers
04 Mar 2015
Changes to the Carbon Emissions-Based Vehicle Scheme may prove too much for car dealers as almost all vehicles in Singapore are affected.
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