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CL Leasing - Rent, Ride, Relax
06 Dec 2016
Whether you're a P-plater or a 70-year old looking to rent a car, CL Leasing does not discriminate and values strong interpersonal relationships with customers.
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Police reports lodged against parallel importer
04 Oct 2016
At least seven customers have paid $493,470 to parallel importer Exodus Global since October last year, according to reports seen by The Straits Times.
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88 Motor Trading - Satisfying your motoring needs
07 Apr 2016
With humble beginnings roughly 10 years ago, 88 Motor Trading has grown to be one of the largest used car dealerships in Singapore today.
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Mazda releasing a Japan-only MX-5 Roadster RS
06 Oct 2015
Mazda is releasing a more performance-focused version of the new MX-5, the Roadster RS, that will be available exclusively in Japan.
DS celebrates 60th anniversary by releasing '1955' limited editions
18 May 2015
The very first DS, which appeared at the 1955 Paris Motor Show, became a legend in its time and was a major milestone in the 20th century automotive history.
Used car dealer with credit problems may be back
18 Apr 2015
More than a month after reports of its errant activities came to light, used car dealer Cars Today may have resurfaced.
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Car leasing - Explore motoring options
07 Apr 2015
If you are stretched out of budget for brand new cars, do not worry - there are plenty of leasing options to explore.
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Electric car sharing program can cost the Government $100m loss in tax revenue
21 Feb 2015
The Government stand to lose up to $100m in tax revenue from the electric car sharing scheme, which it aims to launch from next year onwards.
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Used car dealer under fire for credit problems
18 Feb 2015
A second hand car dealer has come under fire for selling cars, which could end up being repossessed, due to recent money problems.
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Firm to offer various leasing schemes for high end cars
20 Dec 2014
A firm is offering various leasing schemes for high end cars, including buying and leasing them back to their owners, to counter slowing sales.
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Reduced interest in car leasing
05 Apr 2014
After experiencing an initial spike in demand for car leasing, distributors now find that most buyers prefer not to choose this route to motoring.
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VW Singapore launches Care-free Ownership Programme
26 Oct 2013
With the Volkswagen Care-free Ownership Programme, you can get a Volkswagen of your choice for one to five years with no down payment at all.
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More car distributors offering leasing options
14 Aug 2013
More local car distributors are offering leasing options to counter the high initial costs posed by financing curbs.
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Mercedes-Benz Financial Services launches Mercedes-Benz Star Lease here
29 May 2013
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Singapore Ltd. has launched the 'Mercedes-Benz Star Lease' programme in partnership with Cycle & Carriage Industries.
Is Leasing the way out?
28 Feb 2013
Luxury marques are offering leasing options in response to the loan curb rule, with guaranteed buy back at the end of leasing term.
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