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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Nov 2020.
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spacer Predecessor Toyota Estima (2012-2012)
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Toyota Estima 2016
4.5 stars - based on 4 reviews
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4 Consumer Reviews

Superb Machine `
This is the best car for family and long distance driving. Stability, weight, and design play an important role in the wind cut. Well, you can't aspect much to be at top speed as you will end up in the drain!
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Superb family car. Reliable & spacious `
Choosing a MPV for a family is always not easy. The father wants horsepower, the wife wants comfort, the children wants fun. Alas, this is the most proven MPV in the market. What else can I asked for? The new Estima got the looks! The new bumper looks so much futuristic than all earlier generations. The DRL is super cool and makes the fog lights (not found in this new generation of Estima) looks ancient. The HID LED headlights also add to the cool factor while the 18 inch tire and rims are not only for cosmetic purpose but they serve this hippo very well on the roads. The new Estima has also dropped the Aeras badge on her butt. I am not complaining though. Just make sure that you got the right model description on your purchase agreement when you sign. Moonroof, sunroof and dual power sliding doors make the passengers very happy. However, in our kind of climate, the moon and sun roofs will not garner many fans. The same old 2.4 2AZ-FE engine is trustworthy and it can definitely work for you for the next 10 years.The CVT transmission is so seamless that you do not mind how many speeds are available. Cabin sound proofing is above average and making the ride comfy and quiet. Second row seats are the best in the house. Lots of levers to keep the passengers busy to customize the seating positions best suited for them. For the driver, the odometer display has an array of information for you to toggle. Just remember to get your Google translator app handy so that you can take a photo to translate into English. The driver has lots of fun here, the electric seat, cruise control, and not forgetting the Toyota Safety Sense. This comes with the lane departure alert, auto high beam and pre-collision alert. Lots of storage space for your knick-knack, cup holders and mug holders are available for the 4 passengers in the first 2 rows. Importantly, air con is very strong (too cold). No sweat when riding!
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Best MPV `
My second MPV, same brand, same model but different year. Most reliable MPV I ever drove. Being 2007 or 2016 model.
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Comfortable as a big family mover. `
We have been contemplating between a Honda Odyssey and a 2016 Toyota Estima. The difference is price is $20K higher for the new facelift Estima. Decided to plunge in for it for the Sense C with Lane Departure warning and Collision Mitigation system. I do not really need auto park assist or blind spot indictors although it will be a plus. My plus points for the Estima is twin moonroof, Auto tailgate, auto twin door functions. The big side mirrors are a great help. Simply love them. If you ask me why I have chosen this for 20K more. I will say, much bigger and higher boot space, more comfortable seating height and less common on the road as of now. (New Facelift model). Fuel consumption with 95 is 9km/L but 80% City drive. I think 550km for a 65L tank. The alarm went off for LDA and it wasn't really irritating or loud but a gentle warning. The Collison brake warning is slightly more imitating but it should have served its purpose. Overall, a good sized MPV without height limit issues compared with Alphard and Vellfire and a slight bigger version of Odyssey. (IMO) I chose Toyota because of its reliability. I used to drive a Honda Stream and I can say the difference in comfort is really great especially for long distance drivers. My Honda started to have normal wear and tear issues on the 6th year but as the usual stuff. Absorber, Engine Mountings, rotor wear, air con compressor gone and drive shaft worn. All these are pretty anticipated. Hopefully, Toyota will last me for the good 10 years. The absorber is firm but the engine noise is slightly higher on the outside. The interior is relatively quiet, (But cannot compare to Lexus or Hybrid) The interior furnish is awesomely grand. The response on the throttle is slightly slower due to heavier weight. (Gentle on the paddle too). If you have the budget then go for this new Facelift.
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