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The intricate model of the Lexus UX300e was built as a tribute to the takumi master craftsman than build Lexus' cars.

25 Nov 2021 | International News : Japan

Lexus has revealed an incredibly intricate paper model of its all electric UX300e.

Commissioned by Lexus, Artist Kyla McCallum produced the miniature paper model as a tribute to the Japanese takumi, or master craftspeople, who work on its cars.

The model is made up of 100 individual pieces of paper, and even replicate the UX300e's complexy spindle grille pattern
The paper model contains details including tiny perforations in its leather seats and the clock on the dashboard, on top of the intricate pattern of the car's distinctive spindle grille.

The model made from 100 individual pieces of paper, each finely cut and folded of sustainably sourced 120gsm paper. This paper, while thin, was strong enough to allow for the curved elements of the car’s design.

And in the cabin, different textured papers were used to try to replicate the fabrics used in the real car, while the perforations in the seat upholstery were created by hand, using a piercing awl.

To test drive the model, McCallum also created an accompanying small-scale paper city, complete with a miniature charging point. For the buildings, a heavier 300gsm paper was used, and origami folding techniques were applied to create different effects.

The UX300e is the first all-electric car from Lexus. Capable of covering up to 315kmwith zero emissions it features all the quality and craftsmanship that Lexus is known for.

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