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The pushchairs developed with Hartan all sport a light aluminium chassis for for ease of use and certified organic cotton seats for occupant comfort.

30 Nov 2021 | International News : Germany

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a new line for its pushchairs, developed in collaboration with German pushchair manufacturer Hartan.

The new 'Performance' model features the ability to swivel its handlebars with the flick of a wrist. This makes attending to the occupant of the pushchair easier than any regular pushchair. This model is also equipped with an intelligent magnetic seat belt system and a double sun visor for protection of the occupant, and large, lockable swivel wheels with the iconic five-spoke rim design, and suspension for travel over difficult surfaces.

The new 'Performance' model pushchair is said to be able to swivel around with one flick of the wrist
The new model joins the current offerings which include the 'Mercedes-AMG GT' line, which sports the same alpine grey colour finish of the Silver Arrows, and utilises a graphite grey-silver chassis, a reference to the driving performance for which Mercedes-AMG models are known.

This pushchair also sports a suspension system that allows it to be moved effortlessly over any terrain, and its compact dimensions when folded will allow it to be stored even in the sportiest of cars.

Cross-spoke wheels in the original AMG design and high-quality AMG seat covers meanwhile, deliver a sporty, dynamic appearance. In addition to the Silver Arrows design, the Mercedes-AMG GT pushchair is available in stylish AMG-design black with red handle stitching and the chassis in graphite grey-red.

The 'Avantgarde' series meanwhile, sports a 'vegan leatherette' material, a unique, vegan fabric with no animal constituents. With a look and feel of the fabric described as reminiscent of the finest leather, the material is also claimed to be breathable and exceptionally durable.

Superior functionality and outstanding workmanship are described as defining features for the pushchairs, with the new line embodying the innovation, comfort, safety as well as that certain sporty extra theat both Mercedes-Benz and Hartan are known for.

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