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Bentley and The SagerStrong Foundation have come together to design a unique Bentley paying tribute to Craig Sager's famous fashion style on screen.

04 Aug 2022 | International News : U.S.A

Bentley and The SagerStrong Foundation, an organisation supporting blood cancer research founded by the late Craig Sager and his wife, have come together to work on a passion project dedicated to the legacy of Craig Sager. The two organisations have developed a vibrant design, designed by the Bentley Mulliner team which drew inspiration from Craig Sager's iconic on-screen wardrobe. The vehicle will be up for auction bidding next year.

The floral design of the Bentley was inspired by the outfit that Craig Sager wore at his last major appearance at the 2016 Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award, accepting the Jimmy V Foundation's 'Perseverance Award'. The Mulliner team was able to mimic the flower pattern to complement the car's iconic shape, including its power and haunch lines.

Designed, handcrafted and engineered in Bentley's carbon neutral luxury automotive factory, the new GT Speed Convertible offers enhanced chassis technology including all-wheel steering and an electronic rear differential. Stacy Sager, the driving force of the SagerStrong Foundation expressed her belief that the special Bentley was a great personification of Craig with its exuberant design.

Bentley Americas has been a philanthropic sponsor and supporter of cancer research through the V Foundation for more than a decade. Having applied the same spirit to the SagerStrong Foundation was a natural extension to the British brand’s efforts to combat cancer.

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