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While most motorists pay attention to the exterior condition of their rides, the cabin of the car can be much dirtier than they can imagine.

03 Apr 2014

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Many motorists spend a huge amount of time, effort and money keeping their cars in tip-top shape. Especially for those who are passionate about their rides, aesthetics of cars are of paramount importance.

The cabin of a car, including the air-conditioning system, can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria
Car wash, waxing and paint protection naturally become the main focus in the grooming process. As such, less attention is usually paid to the interior of the car.

Especially for those who rely on car washes at the petrol pumps, the upkeep of the cabin is done with fundamental procedures such as a simple cloth wipe or vacuum.

The cabin of a car - as dirty as a toilet seat

The general misconception is that the cabin of the car is relatively clean as the doors of the cars are kept closed most of the time, allowing little dust or dirt to get into the cabin.

As most motorists keep their air conditioning in circulatory mode (which does not allow air from the outside to get in), it's common to think that irritants from the environment are kept at bay.

These, however, are not true.

Normal cleaning, such as vacuum, can only remove dirt and dust particles from vehicle carpets but not bacteria
Unlike dust particles on the paintwork, particles in the cabin are less obvious to our naked eyes. Research has shown that the cabin of a car is much dirtier than we think it is. Unknown to many, the dashboard contains as much bacteria as a toilet seat.
Studies have also proven that the gear knob and steering wheel - two of the most common human contact points in a car - are homes to approximately more than 300 types of germs. In comparison, a typical car cabin contains 17,000 times more bacteria than our homes.

Especially when the car is used to ferry children, there is likelihood that more bacteria is present in the cabin due to the higher chance of food spillage.

Food left in the cabin promotes the growth of germs. As a result, children are at a higher risk of falling sick as they are more vulnerable to bacterial infection.

Keeping your car spick and span - both on the inside and outside

Unlike our homes, the interior of a car is more complex and requires more effort to perform a thorough 'housekeeping'. Anti-bacterial wipes are useful in keeping the common contact points, such as the gear stick and cup holder, free from germs.

However, bacteria and fungi can also breed in the carpet and even within the car's air-conditioning system. These areas require specific tools and cleaning agents to attain the best cleaning effect.
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