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BRILA Total Car Coating System cares for your car, allowing the pristine beauty of your prized ride to be maintained.

02 Nov 2015

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Singapore has been affected by severe smoke haze due to forest fires in the region periodically. The haze, which consists of airborne chemical compounds and particles, together with the usual dust, acid rain, bird droppings, grime, tree sap, oil, etc. can cause paint contamination on a car.

The hard and smooth coat creates an even surface on the wheels that protects it from dirt adhesion
Some of these contaminants will actually penetrate and/or bond to the paint and, over time, eat into the clear coat thereby causing pitting, premature clear coat failure, and/or overall accelerated degradation of the paint. This is where BRILA comes in.

BRILA Total Car Coating System

With more than 15 years of experience in Japan and other countries, BRILA is an established brand that provides its customers with only the best products and quality in car protection. It entered the ASEAN market in 2014 but has since been very popular with many, having been featured in major automotive events such as Cars@Expo and the Singapore Motor Show.

Body Glass Coating

A car's painted surface is actually soft and uneven. And because of this unevenness, it is difficult to remove natural contaminants completely. By hardening and smoothening the painted surface with inorganic silica glass, BRILA Body Glass Coating prevents the penetration of contaminants, allowing for their easy removal and the preservation of the paint's lustre.

More importantly, the inorganic materials in the coat do not degrade over time from UV light, heat, and acid rain. With BRILA Body Glass Coating, customers can have peace of mind with maintenance-free paintwork for five years and there is no need for grooming and polishing.

Wheel Coating

As with body coating, BRILA Wheel Coating also adopts the inorganic silica glass coat that offers long lasting durability. At the same time, it has high heat resistance, withstanding temperatures of up to 1,300-degrees Celsius. One notable feature is its self-cleaning property, achieved thanks to its super hydrophilic surface. This means that water on the coated surface does not form droplets, but spreads and rolls away in the same way it does on a lotus leaf.
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Product Information

BRILA Body Glass Coating



BRILA Body Glass Coating protects the painted surface of the vehicle from severe natural environments such as acid rain and UV light.

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