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Han Revolution specialises in bodykits and parts, offering a comprehensive range of products and quality workmanship at affordable prices.

29 Dec 2015

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Most vehicles that leave the factory are set up for an average driver's expectations and conditions. Aftermarket modifications (or car tuning) on the other hand, has become a way for drivers to personalise the characteristics of a vehicle, as well as enhancing the performance characteristics of the car. And one of the most visiually striking aspects of aftermarket modifications is the use of bodykits. Rooted in the history of automotive racing, aftermarket bodykits were initially highly popular and prevalent in Japan, before gradually influencing the global car culture.

Han Revolution offers a comprehensive range of services, specialising in bodykits and parts
And while few modified cars actually find their way onto the track and actual races, the culture of modifying cars has become a big part of the car culture. However, bodykits are more than just a collection of fibreglass, polyurethane or carbon fibre parts that drivers attach onto the car to make it look cool.

Custom body kits allow owners to subtly or dramatically alter the exterior appearance of their vehicles to suit their personal preference, turning once-generic cars into edgy custom cars. At the same time, bodykits have the capability to enhances, alter or dramatically change the character of the car.

Who is Han Revolution and what are some of the services it offers?

Started in 2007, Han Revolution began as a freelance operation providing car modification services. Over the past eight years, the workshop has grown, and offers a wide myriad of services, including a wide range of accessories, basic servicing and maintenance, spray painting and sticker wrapping services and etc. The company has grown to being a distributor as well, on top of dealing with end-to-end consumers.

Han Revolution particularly specialises in bodykits and parts, offering dedicated workmanship and quality products to customers at an affordable price.

Just like many car enthusiasts out there, the company was born out of, and is still fueled by the passion for cars, and especially car modifications. As such, beyond having a comprehensive catalogue of bodykit products, the Han Revolution staff also offer extensive knowledge and keen insight into the process of modifying cars and the installation of bodykits.

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