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ThreeBond offers drivers a range of glass coating paint protection systems that helps to protect and preserve your car's paintwork.

29 Sep 2016

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Paint protection is all the rage these days, and it's easy to see why - it offers a great deal of convenience for Singapore drivers whose hectic schedules often mean that there is scarcely any time left to worry about regularly washing and polishing their cars. With paint protection, car maintenance is usually reduced to just having to wash the car with water every week or two, which is much more manageable than having to wash with car shampoo and polish the car after.

The hydrophobic surface sheds water and protects against the formation of nasty water spots
At the same time, paint protection systems deliver numerous benefits. They help to reduce the build up of dirt on cars, has a water repellent effect that prevents water spots on the car's paint, and they also help to enhance the shine of the car's paint.

These days, there are a wide variety of paint protection systems in the market, with various compositions and processes. We delve into some of the technologies behind ThreeBond's paint protection products to understand how they work.

Fluorine-type paint protection

Fluorine is a chemical element that is the lightest halogen and in standard conditions exists as a highly toxic pale yellow gas. However, it is extremely reactive, and forms compounds with almost all other elements. It is this strong binding quality, as well as its very high chemical and thermal stability, that makes Fluorine a common component in refrigerants, electrical insulation and cookware.

As a surfacant, fluorine is highly hydrophobic, and fluorosurfacants are small organic molecules used to repel water and dust. It also has a high-glossiness effect, enhancing the shine of the paint. Because of its small particle size (0.5 micron), it is able to penetrate into the porous surface of the paint surface. As a result of entering into the porous surface, fluorine-type paint protection greatly enhances the shine of the paintwork.

By overlapping the layers of fluorine particles, the application creates a strong and impenetrable protective surface on the car's paintwork. The fluorine particles are also stuck to the paint surface with a special binding material. This gives the product its water repellent effect, as well as a smoother surface. This helps to protect against the formation of water spots, with the coating forming a shield-like layer of protection. The strong binding effect also means that the paint protection characteristics have a long-time effect of up to six months.
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