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Performance Motors has organised yet another Escape the City drive up North, this time driving over a thousand kilometres to Ipoh and back.

06 Dec 2018

We always look forward to a drive up North. The fantastic scenery and the freedom of an open road is always something to enjoy, especially when we get caught up living in our little city state.

Performance Motors knows this feeling first-hand and has been organising trips up North for its customers, aptly named 'Escape the City', for a while now. This year's drive stretched over three days and we headed down to the quiet town of Ipoh. Close to 40 BMW cars graced the drive with over 100 customers.

Close to 40 BMW cars were part of the drive
Setting off

We gathered at Jurong Bird Park in the early hours of Saturday to be placed in our respective convoy groups. It was quite an impressive turnout of BMW cars with families and friends all ready for 500km of driving.

The car we were assigned to on our way up was the new BMW X4 xDrive20i, a new entrant to the X4 range available here.

After a brief chat as well as some safety precautions, we set off with our convoy leaders from Jurong to regroup again at Gelang Patah R&R, before heading to our first stop with a breakfast buffet waiting for us at Yoyo Native Food Products located at Yong Peng.

The drive was an impressive sight from the get-go, with all the BMW cars that lined the highway on our way to the first rest stop.

We stretched the legs of the X4 on our way up to Ipoh and it was more than willing to do so
Nothing like a good highway run

Once we were done with breakfast, we set off for Shah Alam, where lunch would be waiting for us.

Traffic started to clear up, too, as we left the state of Johor and crossed into Malacca. Here is where the North-South Highway opens up to three lanes, allowing us to push the X4 a little bit more whilst still staying within the convoy.

At first, we were a little concerned if the X4 had enough give to keep up. Our convoy had some pretty quick cars, with the BMW M5 topping the list.

Thankfully, the X4 didn't break a sweat. We really liked how attentive the gearbox is - the eight-speed automatic is one smooth operator and responds immediately to every input from your foot. Plus, the seats in the X4 are incredibly comfortable. In fact, by the time we reached South Sea Seafood Restaurant for lunch, we felt fresher than the last time we personally drove over 300km on Malaysian highways.

Ipoh is a peaceful, quiet town and a perfect place to unwind from the city
Hello Ipoh!

After the sumptuous lunch, we drove for another 180km before being greeted by the gorgeous limestone hills that line the highway, part of the attraction of Ipoh.  

We then headed to check in at The Haven Resort Hotel. The five-star luxury resort hotel is set by a tranquil lake surrounded by limestone hills and is a perfect place to wind down and relax. It certainly is an 'Escape the City' moment here.

It was free and easy on Sunday morning, with an optional tour of the Gua Tempurung cave - a highlight of Ipoh. The 1.53-million year old cave is one of the longest in Malaysia. It is easy to explore and good for families to check out rock formations.

We went out with the X4 to check out the sights of Ipoh for a bit, before we were handed over the next car for the drive back, the BMW X3 M40i.

Our last stop was for lunch over at Loon Sing Restaurant in Nilai
Shooting back home

This car is certainly one fun car to pilot on the long drive home. The boisterous 3.0-litre turbocharged straight-six shows no signs of weakness - the speedometer just climbs whenever you're on the throttle.

We stopped by Loon Sing Restaurant over at Nilai for lunch, before shooting straight back home to Singapore.

It was a pretty well-organised trip that gives assurance to owners that Performance Motors always has their backs.

Aside from customers, there were professional convoy leaders with sweepers who kept everyone together, as well as technical crew and staff from Performance Motors making sure the cars and their owners will always have support if there were any hiccups along the way.

Plus, the cars on the trip all came with ConnectedDrive, which has a direct line to BMW for any vehicle issues you are facing with - from setting up the GPS to the next location or even finding out the latest movie times at the nearest cinema.

And from the smiles in the photos of the trip, we're pretty sure everyone had a pretty good time.
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