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Porsche has officially opened the doors of its new Taycan factory in Zuffenhausen. Here are some cool things you need to know about it.

18 Sep 2019

It's no stretch to call the Porsche Taycan a milestone in the wholesome development of electric sports cars. So far, the electric segment has been constrained to the likes of the usual suspects such as SUVs, sedans and hatchbacks.

Sports sedan? None we know of thus far barring the Tesla Roadster - a carmaker that hasn't found a strong enough foothold in Singapore to stay put.

But with the Porsche Taycan, it seems the pedigreed carmaker may be able to shine some light in a segment where there has been mostly darkness. With Porsche's new factory where the Taycan will be produced, the carmaker is working towards a virtuous reality of being ecological, environmental and socially responsible - from the development and production to the supply chain and recycling stages of the new model - something the firm dubs 'Zero Impact Factory'.

The new factory for the production of the Taycan in Porsche's headquarters in Zuffenhausen was recently inaugurated to coincide with the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. Here are some interesting facts you should know.

1. It's a factory within a factory

A factory arises within a factory in Zuffenhausen
In order for Porsche to set the stage for one of its most important vehicles to date, the Taycan (the carmaker's first all-electric car), projects were planned in its main factory and headquarters in Zuffenhausen, Germany, to house the manufacturing line for the electric sedan.

But as space was limited, Porsche revamped and rebuilt certain parts of its factory specifically for the Taycan production, creating a factory within a factory.

2. It's a job engine for Porsche

The Taycan project will create over 1,500 jobs
The Taycan project will create 1,500 additional jobs. More impressively, the carmaker will see to it that every one of them will be equipped with the knowledge of electric mobility, as well as everything about the Taycan, obviously.

According to Porsche, over 980 employees have been trained within seven new training centres to date. This accounts to more than 79,200 hours of training in total.

3. The first four-door sedan to roll out of Zuffenhausen

The first four-door sedan from Zuffenhausen
The Zuffenhausen factory focuses on producing Porsche's two-door models. In fact, it produces some 250 two-door sports cars everyday. These include the iconic 911 as well as 718 models. The brand's Leipzig plant is where its four-door models such as the Cayenne, Macan and Panamera are manufactured.

This would mean that the Taycan is the first four-door sports sedan to roll out of Zuffenhausen.

4. Zuffenhausen over Leipzig

The production site was voted by the employees
So why not produce the Taycan in Leipzig where there would be more space? During the press conference at the official factory opening, Albrect Reimold, Production and Logistics Board Member at Porsche AG, said that staff voted for the Zuffenhausen site.

Additionally, he also mentioned that by choosing the Zuffenhausen site, Porsche will lead into the future by securing existing jobs and creating new ones.

5. Strong support from employees

Porsche has invested €700 million in the new factory, which includes a new paint shop
Unique in the automotive industry, Porsche's employees actually supported the building of the factory by contributing one quarter of their collective salaries, which clearly goes to show how strong they feel for the brand.

Overall, Porsche will be investing over €6 billion by 2022 (approx. S$9.1 billion) in electric mobility, with more than €700 million (approx. S$1.06 billion) pumped into the construction of new production facilities for the new Taycan.

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