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Shop with confidence with Rim Collective's specially curated selection of aftermarket rims all at one convenient location!

20 Dec 2019

Are you frustrated with the narrow selection of wheels available at your local workshop? Or perhaps you have already found the perfect set of rims for your ride, but the only store that stocks them is asking for an exorbitant price?

Getting the perfect set of rims for your car is not easy with the limited selection available at many of the workshops here in Singapore.

Shipping by the container allows Rim Collective to save on transport costs that would have otherwise be bourne by you
Luckily, one firm has finally managed to pull off an 'Ikea', bringing in rims by the container load to save on transport costs, and stocking them all within one warehouse.

So we now have a one-stop place to shop from amongst the widest variety of rims, but more importantly, to be able to get them at an affordable price as well!

Initially started as a temporary solution to aid in stock clearance for the online arm of a reputable, long-time established wholesaler of rims and tyres via direct sales to end users, Rim Collective only utilised a simple storage space.

But what it did not expect was that despite its remote location and lack of ability to offer installation services, walk-in enquiries as well as sales were strong. As such, it has now decided to convert what used to be a humble warehouse into a full-fledged showroom, so that visitors can now shop at a well-lit and fully air-conditioned location, but still enjoy the vast shopping space and ample parking that comes with an industrial lot.

A specially curated selection

Rim Collective's inventory is specially curated to ensure shoppers will leave with something unique for its rides
Rim Collective's business model may mirror the mass market warehousing strategy of other big box retailers, but its products are far from commonplace.

With such a long history working in the industry, Rim Collective understands that the market demand for unique rims is growing, and have rightly opted to import rims from manufacturers that give its customers not only the finest in quality assurance, but also the opportunity to make a unique statement with their rides.

Rim Collective's selection of rims imported are specially chosen in order to allow its shoppers to pick from the most unique of finish and colour options for the faces of their rims. From the German manufacturer AEZ, to the Japanese SSR (Speed Star Racing), Rim Collective's wide variety of stock ensures that there will be something for everyone that drops by.

With a two-tone bronze finish, this set of HD wheels, like many others at the showroom, has been chosen for its unique design
On the day that we visited the showroom for example, we spotted a unique set of HD Wheels, which not only feature a kink in their face design that allows for an aggressive offset, but also a unique two-tone bronze finish, catering for those looking for something more than the typical shades of grey, silver of black.

A variety of flow forged and forged rims from 305 Forged were also on display.

For those looking for greater performance for their cars, forged rims provide greater strength, and also reduces the weight of the wheel, allowing for less unsprung and rotating mass, which translates into better handling. Flow forged rims meanwhile are a happy compromise between traditional casting and the stronger forged rims. A unique manufacturing process that heats and spins the barrel of the rim allows flow forged rims to achieve higher strength than cast rims while saving on the high cost of forged ones.

A truly flushed-to-fender look is possible with Rim Collective's wide variety of rims and customisable offsets
But there's more. For those looking for a truly customised fitment of their rims, Rim Collective is able to deliver as well, with its ability to offer a customised offset on its rims.

Those looking for a truly flushed-to-fender look for their tyres no longer need to go through a long and arduous process, or compromise the handling of their car via the fitment of spacers. Simply inform Rim Collective of what you need on your specific car model and it can look for available options for you!

A straightforward purchasing process

Rim Collective's online rim finder allows you to shop for that ideal design from the comfort of your own home
Rim Collective is dead set on making your rim selection process as easy as it can.

Don't want to deal with a salesperson when purchasing your rims? Why not try out Rim Collective's Rim Finder. Simply enter your car's make and model and the entire selection of Rim Collective's recommended products for your car will be available for you to pick. From here you now get the opportunity do your own research on your selected rims, or take your time to admire and choose from the different rim face designs on offer, all from the comfort of your own home.

And for those that are still unsure of which rims they should get, there's even a handy WhatsApp link at its site for you to make direct enquiries. Alternatively, you may also make an appointment to come down to its showroom where you can then browse from the designs available that will fit your car via a handy tablet. Inventory stock levels are recorded in real-time and you will be able to browse from a whole library of detailed images dedicated to the wheels you're after!


For those that don't want to deal with looking for a place to install their selected rims, Rim Collective is now offering a special promotion: For a simple additional $100 top up, you will not only get delivery and installation of your selected rims, but also six rounds of tyre balancing and rotations!

Learn more about Rim Collective here, or check out its selection here. Or better yet, call 9850 8131 to make an appointment to visit its showroom at 24 Pandan Rd, Singapore (609275) today!

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