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Pirelli launches motorsport-inspired speakers
26 Jul 2018
Pirelli has joined forces with an Italian firm from Modena that specialises in high-end car audio, to create a new sound experience inspired by motorsport.
Pioneer's flagship Z series delivers the best in terms of audio quality
14 Jun 2018
If you have an aftermarket head unit without a solid sound system, you're missing out because Pioneer's Z series speakers deliver the absolute best.
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Pioneer offers unparalleled value with its A-series car multimedia receivers
14 Dec 2017
Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre, a leader in aftermarket car audio, today announced the release of AVH-A205BT and AVH-A105DVD.
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New Pioneer Z & D series speakers created to evoke 'Bold in the Details'
13 Dec 2017
Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre, an in-car entertainment market leader, launches its latest 2018 speakers, led by the flagship Z series and premium D series.
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Pioneer D-Series Speakers - delivering sonic excellence and performance
06 Dec 2016
Pioneer delivers sonic excellence and performance quality with the new D-Series TS-D1730C component speakers, featuring Twaron technology.
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Pioneer Champion-Series amplifier - The perfect match for speakers
01 Dec 2016
Pioneer Electronics' GM-D9605 Champion-Series amplifier is a versatile five-channel integrated amplifier that offers an unparalleled level of flexibility.
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Pioneer A-Series speakers - Superior sonics and durability
29 Nov 2016
Pioneer Electronics' latest A-Series speakers promise greater sound quality, enhanced durability and maximum set up flexibility.
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Pioneer redefines audio perfection in the car with new range of products
08 Oct 2015
Pioneer has launched its new range of in-car entertainments product that promise greater sound quality, connectivity and usability.
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Pioneer presents its most advanced in-car speakers to local drivers
05 Apr 2015
Pioneer has launched its latest D-Series speakers, which feature the firm's cutting-edge construction technology, in Singapore.
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Pioneer launches D-Series speakers at 2015 Bangkok Motor Show
30 Mar 2015
Pioneer has launched the its new D-Series speakers, which feature the latest Twaron technology, at the 36th Bangkok Motor Show.
New groundbreaking HVT subwoofer from Pioneer
20 Nov 2014
Pioneer has unveiled the world's first patented HVT subwoofer outside Japan, featuring compact dimensions and reduction of unwanted vibrations.
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An effortless upgrade to high-quality sound for BMW and Volkswagen models
31 Oct 2014
All BMW and Volkswagen drivers in Singapore can now upgrade to high-quality audio, which is quick, simple and effective.
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Pioneer heightens in-car entertainment experience with 2015 lineup
23 Oct 2014
Pioneer showcased a new range of audio peripherals, including the world's smallest digital amplifier, to augment its 2015 product lineup.
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Pioneer launches multimedia receivers and sound system
27 Oct 2013
Pioneer has launched a whole lineup of multimedia receivers and new range of speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers for motorists with discerning ears.
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Lotus introduced new technology to make hybrid cars noisier
12 Aug 2008
Lotus Engineering, the automotive consultancy division of Lotus, has developed technologies to synthesise external sound on electric and hybrid vehicles to counteract the growing concern these 'quiet'...