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The Mobil1 Care+ Dongle can help you save on car repairs
30 Nov 2020
From providing more information on your car, to helping you to schedule servicing visits, the Mobil1 Care + Dongle can do all this and more!
Clarence Seow | 270 views | Features
Morgan launches new 3 Wheeler P101 to celebrate the end of its production run
30 Nov 2020
The Morgan 3 Wheeler in its current form will finish production in 2021, and the P101 is Morgan's way of saying goodbye to one of its beloved models.
Video Review - Kia Sorento Diesel 2020 2.2 SX Tech Pack 7-Seater (A)
27 Nov 2020
With a comfortable ride, plenty of safety equipment, and a practical and premium cabin, the Kia Sorento is one complete seven-seater SUV.
Clarence Seow | 2,452 views | Kia Reviews
Video Review - Mazda CX-30 2.0 Luxury (A)
23 Nov 2020
The Mazda CX-30 is a distinctive-looking crossover with a premium interior and a relaxing drive.
Clarence Seow | 2,895 views | Mazda Reviews
The Porsche 911 & Maserati GranTurismo go head to head
18 Nov 2020
German precision meets Italian exotica as the Porsche 911 and Maserati GranTurismo go head to head in this video comparison!
Clarence Seow | 5,722 views | Features
Rolls-Royce updates its Whispers app, giving all a glimpse into its world
18 Nov 2020
Rolls-Royce has updated it Whispers app, allowing more to interact with Rolls-Royce executives, designers and craftspeople at Goodwood.
We look at some stock tyres from Bridgestone
16 Nov 2020
Are the stock tyres that come on new cars any good? We look at some and share what we new about these tyres from Bridgestone in this video feature!
Clarence Seow | 6,018 views | Features
Next generation Honda Civic to debut online on Twitch
16 Nov 2020
The next generation Honda Civic will make its live global debut on streaming channel Twitch, making it the first car to do so on the platform.
Watch how Volvo Cars drops new cars from 30m to assist rescue services
14 Nov 2020
In a newly released video, Volvo drops new cars from up to 30m to help rescue services save lives and to develop new rescue techniques.
Video Review - Skoda Superb 2.0 TSI Laurin & Klement (A)
12 Nov 2020
The updated Skoda Superb delivers on refinement and performance while lugging around a generous boot.
Clarence Seow | 5,348 views | SKODA Reviews
Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S sets new Nurburgring record
11 Nov 2020
The Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S has set a new Nurburgring record for luxury class vehicles, beating the old record it also set in 2018.
Jeep introduces the Gladiator Top Dog Concept
04 Nov 2020
Using factory-backed Jeep Performance Parts, the Jeep Gladiator Top Dog concept is a go-anywhere, off-road package for hard-core mountain bike enthusiasts.
Video Review - Opel Astra 1.4 Turbo Innovation (A)
04 Nov 2020
The Opel Astra wraps a well-judged suspension around a discreet design to make for a sensible commuter.
Clarence Seow | 4,298 views | Opel Reviews
Automobili Lamborghini joins video-sharing social network TikTok
04 Nov 2020
Sant'Agata Bolognese's finest becomes the first luxury super sports car manufacturer to join the video sharing social network.
Porsche Esports tournament sees fierce competition from nearly 400 racers
03 Nov 2020
After a fiercely fought competition involving nearly 400 racers, the winning gamer from Australia lifts the first Porsche Asia Pacific Forza Cup trophy.