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The world premiere of the BMW Vision iNEXT took place in Los Angeles, showcasing BMW's vision of the future of personal mobility.

28 Nov 2018 | International News : U.S.A

The BMW Vision iNEXT celebrated its world premiere in Los Angeles, ahead of its public debut at the Los Angeles Motor Show later this week. More than just a vehicle concept, the Vision iNEXT encapsulates BMW's vision and direction, and also represents a building block for the future of the BMW Group. BMW's four key strategic innovation fields - Autonomous driving, Connectivity, Electrification and Services (ACES) - are all captured within the concept, design and execution of the BMW Vision iNEXT. 

The iNEXT is a modern interpretation of the BMW i design language, while still retaining the musuclar and dynamic design that all BMWs share
Key to the design of the Vision iNEXT is a focus on human-centricity, and the objective of delivering an emotional experience with a bold and positive statement. The interior aims to deliver a relaxed space, taking inspiration from architecture and boutique hotels. BMW aims to create what it calls a 'favourite space', a high quality of life cabin where occupants can relax. 

The geometry of the iNEXT cabin places the focus on materials and colours, and is composed of just a few clean-cut lines. The mix of wood and cloth creates a sophisticated space, while a clear distinction between the driver cockpit and the rear cabin is further emphasised by the seperation of materials. The inside of the car is awash with warm, welcoming colours, such as the nude shade Purus Rose, Brown and Beige, while the shimmering metallic Mystic Bronze accentuates their effect. The rear compartment is dominated by the petrol-coloured Enlighted Cloudburst cloth upholstery with its intricate Jacquard weave, running asymmetrically across the seat area and extending into the side panelling and parcel shelf.

The interior of the iNEXT Vision draw inspiration of boutique hotels, and aim to provide a relaxing space that improves the passengers' quality of life
At the same time, the futuristic cabin features integrated technology that stays out of sight, what BMW is calling 'Shy Tech'. One example of this is the smart surfaces integrated into various cabin surfaces, including the rear seats and the wooden centre console. These smart surfaces allows occupants to control a variety of systems, with BMW showcasing a prototype that allows users to turn on music, skip tracks and adjust the volume. 

These bold, futuristic innovations also translate to the vehicle's exterior. The new BMW i design language is clearly visible with its striking lines and clear forms, including powerfully sculpted surfaces painted in Liquid Greyrose Copper. The BMW Vision iNEXT features a modern take on the classica BMW four-eyed front end, complete with super-slender headlights, while cameras (rather than exterior mirrors) show what's happening behind. The rear features slim taillights cut deep into the car's tail. The air flows along the roof of the BMW Vision iNEXT all the way to its trailing edge, and this combines with a diffuser - illuminated for extra effect - to enhance the car's aerodynamics.

The Vision iNEXT also showcases futuristic technology, including the ability to operate various car functions on smart surfaces throughout the cabin
The production version of the BMW Vision iNEXT will be introduced in 2021, and will be an all electric vehicle. Additionallly, the production iNEXT will be available with the option of an autonomous driving package that allows Level 3 autonomous driving. This means that when driving on highways, the driver is able to take his hands off the wheel, as well as his eyes off the road.

To achieve this, the car will be equipped with high-tech lidar sensors and 360-degree cameras, among numerous other hardware and software, to allow the car to drive autonomously. With the iNEXT, BMW aims to deliver the choice of Boost/Ease to the driver. With a touch of a button, the driver can choose to either drive the car himself, or allow the car to drive itself. In autonomous mode, the steering wheel will retract slightly, and the pedals will retract to be flush to the floor.

The BMW Group's Vision Car, the iNEXT, will herald the beginning of a new era in driving pleasure and mark the next step in the company's ongoing model offensive. By 2021, the brand will offer four fully-electric models, and will have a total of 25 electrified models by 2025.
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