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McLaren has officially launched its latest 720S Spider here in Singapore, which combines the thrill of open-air driving with unparalleled dynamic performance.

11 May 2019 | Local News : Singapore

The new McLaren 720S Spider made its official debut in Singapore at the Capella Hotel on 10 May 2019, amongst McLaren customers and members of the media.

The McLaren 720S Spider features a completely new Retractable Hard Top roof design made out of carbon fibre
Based on the 720S Coupe, the new 720S Spider is the most accomplished convertible supercar from McLaren thus far, combining the thrill of open-air driving with unparallel Super Series Dynamic performance and sophistication.

The Retractable Hard Top (RHT) of the 720S Spider is a completely new design, with a one-piece carbon fibre roof as standard. It maintains the distinctive silhouette and aerodynamic capabilities of the 720S Coupe, providing a full carbon fibre upper structure when the roof is closed.

The folding mechanism is electric rather than hydraulic driven, and is currently the fastest operating convertible roof in the supercar class - it can be lowered or raised in just 11 seconds. Thanks to the combination of electric motors and the strength of carbon fibre, the RHT can be opened or closed up to speeds of 50km/h.

The RHT is also available with a glazed electrochromic glass panel. It can rapidly switch between fully tinted and transparent states at a touch of a button.

The new 720S Spider also features unique, glazed flying buttresses further aiding driver visibility as well as adding visual drama to the car. The leading edge of the buttress features an aerodynamic carrier that guides airflow, before tapering off to expose the darkened glazing.

The 720S Spider features frameless doors, which is made to accomodate the hard top's operation
The doors on the 720S Spider are frameless to accommodate the RHT system, further accentuating its sporty characteristics.

On the inside, the interior is the same as the 720S Coupe - welcoming and luxurious. The dual-zone climate control and air-conditioning system has been recalibrated for the 720S Spider. It is able to detect the position of the hard top, and temperature and airflow is automatically adjusted to accommodate.

The 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged McLaren V8 engine is also unchanged from the 720S Coupe. The 720S Spider produces 710bhp (or 720PS, as its name suggests) and 770Nm of torque. The 720S Spider completes the century sprint just 0.1 seconds off the pace of the Coupe, at 2.9 seconds. Its top speed with the roof up matches the Coupe, at 341km/h.

The McLaren 720S Spider will be available in the same three specifications at the Coupe counterpart, with Performance and Luxury trims extending above the standard model. Two new exterior colours - Belize Blue and Aztec Gold - have been introduced to the new Spider.

The Mclaren 720S Spider is available to order now from McLaren Singapore, and will be priced at $1,085,000, excluding COE and options.
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