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The new Audi e-tron GT will be manufactured alongside the R8 supercar at Audi's Bollinger Hofe plant from late 2020.

20 Jul 2019 | International News : Germany

The electric-powered Audi e-tron GT will be manufactured alongside the Audi R8 supercar at Audi Sport GmbH's production facilities in the Bollinger Hofe from late 2020. The required construction work is currently underway at the R8 production facilities to integrate the electric sports car.

Construction work is currently underway at the Bollinger Hofe plant to build the e-tron GT (above) alongside the R8
Additional logistics halls are being added and state-of-the-art equipment set up in the body shop and assembly areas. The modification work will largely take place during ongoing production, with the completion date slated for late this year.

"Since the Bollinger Hofe was created in the design phase as a small series production facility for innovative and flexible production processes, it gives us ideal conditions to produce the e-tron GT alongside the Audi R8," says Production Manager Wolfgang Schanz.

The Audi e-tron GT and Audi R8 will be produced separately in the body shop: While the body shop for the R8 stands out with its largely handcrafted finishing processes, a separate, highly automated body shop facility is being created for the e-tron GT.

The body shop for the R8 will still stand out with its large use of handcrafted finishing processes
The assembly line is being extended by 20 cycles, making 36 in total, for the joint production of the R8 and e-tron GT. As part of this upgrade, new conveyor systems are being integrated, since assembly in future will no longer rely solely on driverless transport vehicles, but will also include an electrified monorail system.

In the future, the basement in the Bollinger Hofe will also be used for production, with painted bodies of the R8 and e-tron GT stored here. From this area, driverless transport vehicles autonomously bring the R8 and e-tron GT bodies using an elevator from the basement straight to the assembly line on the ground floor.

In preparation for the modifications, part of the R8 body shop has been moved to a production hall in the Bockingen district of Heilbronn at the end of last year to make room for the body shop equipment for the e-tron GT. Since January, around 40 of the 150 employees have been manufacturing the substructure components for the R8 supercar at this new location.

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